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    Translate WordPress Themes and Plugins with Easy Translation Manager

    Would you like to have multiple languages on your WordPress website? Have you already tried some of the other translation plugins available, but found them too complicated? We have tried to make it really easy for you to manage your multi-language WordPress powered website.

    Notice: Easy Translation Manager for WordPress is not an automatic translation service like Google translate. It is a professional translation manager, which makes it possible for you to translate your website into multiple languages. The Yandex API integration is meant as a help for you when content is translated through the interface in wp-admin.

    Get Started in 3 Easy Steps!
    WordPress 4.0 has been translated into more than 40 languages and many Theme and Plugin developers have already localized their Themes and Plugins. However managing a multi-language WordPress website can often be a quite complicated task. We often see that parts of Plugins or Themes have not been translated or a specific plugin is not available in the language you need. We have simplified things, when it comes to translating your content as well as Plugins and Themes.
    Follow these 3 Easy Steps to Get Started.
    1. Select the Options menu and under General Settings you activate the languages you want to translate your website into.
    2. Select the Design and Layout in the Options menu and choose how you want your visitors to be able to select their preferred language.
    3. Translate WordPress by choosing either Add-on Translation, Plugin Translation, Theme Translation, Page Translation, Post Translation, Menu Translation or Import/Export .po.
    Some of the features
    Test language on IP
    In the Options Panel under General Settings you can enter one or more IP addresses, which will be able to view the translations. Under Languages you can then set which languages this is applicable for. This is a helpful feature if you wish to test a specific language translation before releasing it.
    Manage availability of Items
    You can easily choose which Plugins, Themes, Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Menus that will be made available for translation.
    Support for Custom Capabilities
    We have added 13 Custom Capabilities to the plugin, which makes it really easy for you to specify exactly what your different user roles have access to.
    Translate Wordpress Plugins & Themes
    Easy Translation Manager automatically scans your plugins and themes folder in order to find strings (textdomains) ready for translation. If you see any rows marked with red this indicates that the text does not have a text domain, and will require manual action in order to be ready for translation. If you have other strings that need translation you can also add them manually.
    Support for SEO in multiple languages
    Instead of building our own SEO system from scratch for Easy Translation Manager we decided to support WordPress SEO by Yoast. This is the most complete WordPress SEO plugin that exists today for WordPress.org users. It incorporates everything from a snippet preview and page analysis functionality that helps you optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions and more to XML sitemaps, and loads of optimization options in between.
    You need to install WordPress SEO by Yoast and then activate support for this plugin in the Options Panel. After installing the WordPress SEO plugin and activating support for this you will get a SEO button in each translation window. When you click this you will be able to add SEO information for each translation.

    You can add SEO specific information for all Posts and Pages like: Focus Keywords, SEO Title and Meta Description. Easy Translation Manager will also automatically include all the language specific links in the sitemaps generated by the WordPress SEO. This will make optimization for each language much easier!

    Take a peek on how Easy Translation Manager looks live and try for your self how easy it is to translate Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types, Post Tags, Post Categories and even Plugins and Themes. Simply use the following details to login.

    Username: DemoUser Password: TryMeNow

    You can also try and login as the user below if you want to see how it looks when all the ETM custom capabilities are added except the one for the Options Panel. This way the external translator can do translations, but can’t mess up anything. All other menus has been hidden to make the experience uncluttered.

    Username: Translator Password: TryMeNow

    List of features
    • Translate WordPress Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types
    • Translate WordPress Post Tags, Post Categories.
    • Translate WordPress Post Slug
    • Translate WordPress Post description
    • Translate WordPress Excerpt content for Posts, Custom Post Types and Pages.
    • Translate WordPress Custom Fields
    • Translate WordPress Permalinks
    • Translate WordPress Taxonomies
    • Translate WordPress Menus and Title attribute in menus and custom URL’s in menus
    • Translate WordPress Plugins
    • Translate WordPress Themes
    • Translate WordPress Add-ons
    • Translate WordPress Attachment Images (replace image with translated version in for each language)
    • Translate WordPress ALT text for featured image
    • New: Support for translating serialized data arrays. Multiple top-selling themes on Themeforest use their own builders, which stores the information as serialized data in the custom fields. Compatible with Themify Builder.
    • New: Support for translating the following variables from the WordPress Codex: translate||e|_n|_x|_ex|_nx|esc_attr|esc_attr_e|esc_attr_x|esc_html_|esc_html_e|esc_html_x|_n_noop|_nx_noop
    • New: Site Translations provides translation for native WordPress features like: Admin Email, Blog Description, Blog Name, Date Format, Start of Week, Time Format. This allow for individual “settings” for each language
    • New: Drag and Drop language (flag) order for widgets
    • New: Retina Ready SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) flags for selecting language
    • New: Language selection types: Bouncing List, Box Slide, Rotating Bars, Fluid Grid, Responsive Circle
    • New: Support for using Multiple Domain Names. Enter a domain name for each enabled language or simply use the default
    • Support for import and export of .po files
    • Support for RTL (Right-to-Left) in wp-admin when changing language
    • Support for language based search (it is possible to search in the language the user have selected)
    • Enable feature that makes a flag (language) inactive if the content has not been translated.
    • Enable hide elements that has not been translated (Pages, Posts, Tags, Categories, Menus)
    • Test translations before launch (IP address restricted)
    • Set availability of items for translation (very useful if using external translators)
    • Hide Author of themes and plugins (very useful if you are using this for a client or using external translator)
    • 13 Custom Capabilities
    • Insert tag for choosing language directly in your theme
    • Insert Widget in Sidebar
    • Insert Widget for choosing language directly in Pages or Posts
    • 4 different sizes of flags to choose from
    • Support for Export and Import of translations
    • Support for multiple languages in wp-admin (easy upload language .mo files)
    • Dashbord Metabox with flags for easy selecting language for wp-admin.
    • Support for WordPress Multisite installation.
    • Support for WordPress SEO by Yoast (If you have this plugin installed ETM will support SEO for each language you translate)
    • Support for Custom Widget Areas add-on for Easy Translation Manager (assign Custom Widget Areas to a specific language).
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