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  1. and1rey


    29 дек 2007
    JackBox – A Responsive Lightbox with Real Social Sharing


    JackBox for WordPress is built on a simple idea:

    Connect your page and post content to a lightbox.

    This means no shortcodes and no gallery managers to figure out. Instead, JackBox is baked into your content editor and works just like the traditional “hyperlink” button. Except instead of just adding a simple link, you create a lightbox item!

    JackBox was originally built with 2 goals in mind:

    Create a lightbox that worked on mobile devices, even smartphones. JackBox is “responsive”, which means it’s 100% compatible with responsive websites.

    Create a lightbox where every image, video and song can be individually shared. This means when someone “likes” one of your photos, when a friend clicks on the shared link, they’ll instantly be shown the exact photo that was originally shared.

    Simple. Powerful. JackBox WP. Watch the Videos.

    Smart Script Loading
    The JackBox stylesheets and scripts will only load into your web page if the page contains a lightbox item. This means that on the pages where no lightbox items are used, no unecessary plugin files are loaded. When JackBox CSS and JavaScript files are loaded, they load asynchronously, helping your web pages to load faster.
    Features Include

    Localized for WordPress
    Responsive / Mobile Ready
    Retina Ready Graphics
    Share any item through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+
    Deep-linking, every item has it’s own unique link
    Touch Swipe for Mobile Devices
    Genuine Fullscreen for Firefox and Chrome
    Group any items together and create item categories
    Youtube Video w/ Mobile Fallback
    Vimeo Video w/ Mobile Fallback
    Automatic Youtube and Vimeo thumbnail loading
    HTML5 Video w/ Flash backup
    HTML5 Audio w/ Flash backup
    Flash Video w/ Mobile Backup
    Load HTML Divs, iFrames and Google Maps
    Built-in Thumbnail Hovers
    CSS3 Preloader for smoother animation

    Options Include

    Optional gallery-style thumbnails
    Options to set the lightbox thumbnail width and height
    Optional item titles and descriptions
    Option to show the description info by default
    Option to start with thumbnails hidden
    Option to autoplay all videos either globally or individually
    Option to zoom smaller images automatically either globally or individually
    Option to preload graphics for a smoother lightbox experience

    JackBox Makes Thumbnails Easy

    First, you have the choice to load a specific thumbnail of your choice.
    If none are chosen, and the lightbox item is a clickable thumbnail to begin with, JackBox will grab and resize that thumbnail instead.
    If these options aren’t available, JackBox will then attempt to grab the large version of the lightbox image and resize it.
    And as a last resort, JackBox will just use a default thumbnail of your choosing.

    Important Notes

    The plugin is not automatically compatible with other gallery plugins, and support for plugin or theme compatibility is not included.
    The videos demonstrate how the plugin works. Be sure to watch them before deciding if JackBox is right for you.
    The plugin will not automatically override any current lightbox system your website currently uses. Instead, you will need to connect all of your existing lightbox to JackBox manually once the plugin is installed.
    Images, Video and Audio shown in the preview are not included in the download source and are for demonstration purposes only.
    Autoplay for video and audio is not available on mobile due to device restrictions.
    Mobile touch swipe functionality is only available for images.
    Fullscreen mode is not available for IE, Opera or Safari.
    You may notice a “page jump” when the lightbox is entered. This is because the lightbox removes the page’s scrollbar when entered. This is done intentionally because the page’s scrollbar serves no functional purpose inside the lightbox, and in this developer’s opinion, the lightbox experience is much more pleasant without it. When the lightbox is closed, the page’s scrollbar will reappear and the page will automatically scroll to its previous position.
    On mobile devices the page behind the lightbox will scroll to the top.
    When sharing via Facebook, only the lightbox item’s link will get posted. Any image and title that gets posted will be explicitly chosen by Facebook.
    The Facebook “like” button is built to be a “like/unlike” button only. The traditional Facebook comment box is not supported.
    The graphics and icons are retina-ready, photographs are not.
    If you plan to use the plugin in a way not demonstrated in the usage videos, such as connecting content to the lightbox without using the plugin’s built-in methods, please use the non-WordPress version of the plugin instead (support for manual usage is only included with the non-WordPress version).

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    Версии 2.3 нет?
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    25 окт 2013
    Всем доброго дня! Может кто-нибудь подсказать плагин lightbox у которого есть социальные кнопки, а так же кнопки скачать и печать?
    Сколько ковыряю все больше приближаюсь к выводу, что нужно шаманить..
    готовых решений не нашел(