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    25 мар 2007
    BatchRename is for you to batch rename files and folders freely with all kinds of rules you defined as many as you like, plus some picture conversion and editing features.

    Main features:

    Highlight rename features
    Support EXIF data - rename digital camera pictures with the EXIF data information: Camera name, Digitized date, Original date time, ISO speed, Exposure time, Shutter speed, Lens aperture, F-Number, and more ...
    Support renaming files using their Shell detail properties - like what you see on the columns of Windows explorer, including video properties, audio properties and more ...

    Support for MP3 Tag ID3 v1 and v2, rename by music's Title, Album, Artist, Genre, BitRate, Frequency, SubTitle, Language, Comment, Copyright, Composer and etc,...
    Renaming picture files by their Image properties: resolution, color bits, type format.
    Renaming by the local date time format, or file's date time attribute.
    Insert specific length of digits ascending or descending based on defined order.
    Uppercase/lowercase the first letter of each word, and Uppercase/Lowercase/Remove any specific character in the filenames.
    Format the time code for a batch of FX picture filenames.
    Select destination output directory to store the renamed files.
    Truncate filename to a specific length.
    Build rename rules yourself, and combine them to make infinite kinds of rename rules.

    Favorite rename rules
    You can easily save and pick up your favorite renaming rules. Also, you may ask us to build renaming rules for you for free, and download them from foryoursoft.com to your favorite directory.

    This function allow you view or play the selected file in the FileList in the "QuickView" window. So you can view the files quickly and decide which ones to be renamed. "QuickView" file types include:
    Picture files: .bmp; .jpg; .gif; .tif.
    Audio/Video files: .cda; .ivf; .aif; .aifc; .aiff; .asf; .asx; .wax; .wm; .wma; .wmd; .wmv; .wvx; .wmp; .wmx; .avi; .wav; .mpeg; .mpg; .m1v; .mp2; .mpa; .mpe; .mp2v; .mpv2; .mid; .midi; .rmi; .au; .snd; .mp3; .m3u; .vob; (*Need windows media player installed in your computer, it's free for download.)
    Flash files: .swf. (*Need Flash player installed in your computer, it's free for download.)
    Real media files: .rm; .ram (*Need Real player installed in your computer, it's free for download.)



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