[Мультимедиа] Movie Collector Pro v5.2.4

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    Catalog your DVDs automatically. Create a personal DVD database - Catalog your collection of movies and TV series on DVD. Including all movie data (genre, studio, release year, cast, crew, etc.), episode titles and all DVD details (cover images, subtitles, audio tracks, features, etc.). Download all data and images from our online DVD database - Adding a DVD to your database is quick and easy, just type the movie title or scan its barcode. The program will then automatically download all data and images from our own online DVD database (currently containing 80 thousand movies and 100 thousand DVD editions). Other data sources include IMDb and Amazon. Browse, sort and search your DVD database on screen - Lists your movies in any order, either as list or in Image View. Group them in folders (e.g. by producer or genre). Use the Quick Search feature to find a movie in your database and much more...
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