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  1. wujek

    wujek Писатель

    10 авг 2007
    EVOLUTION Version

    Create your web site in just 5 simple steps

    No programming skills required

    Over 1000 graphic templates included

    Creation of e-commerce carts

    E-mail forms, Feed RSS, Reserved area, multi-language sites

    Sites compatible with all Browsers

    Sites navigable from palms and mobile phones

    XHTML codes optimized for search engines

    Windows Vista compatible

    * No limit to the number of pages and web sites that can be created.
    * It includes: an e-commerce form pre-set for credit card payments, 3D button editor, FTP engine and tools for the creation of a reserved area, Feed RSS and multi-language sites.
    * Graphic editor to touch up images with the application of filters, frames and masks.
    * Sites created in XHTML, compatible with the main Browsers, navigable from mobile phones and indexable by search engines.

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