[Мультимедиа] Readiris Pro Corporate Edition ver. 11.0 Multilingual

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    10 авг 2007
    Readiris Pro Corporate Edition ver. 11.0 Multilingual

    Instantly retype your paper documents. Quickly convert your PDF files into text. Perfectly reproduce the original layout. Easily create PDF, HTML, WordML and Excel files. Simply share the information in the appropriate digital format.
    Readiris Pro 10 OCR software performs all the tedious retyping work for you in no time. Simply recognize your documents with Readiris Pro and within seconds you have an editable copy of it.
    Readiris Pro 10 recognizes scanned paper documents, PDF files and all popular image file format and turns them into word processor, spreadsheet, pdf, web pages, xml... files.
    Imagine how easily you could share and archive all your documents and spend your retyping time for more productive tasks!
    New in Readiris Pro 10
    Readiris Pro 10 is a major release and features more than 40 improvements over previous versions. The power of the new OCR software boosts text recognition accuracy to an unprecedented level!
    30% increase in OCR accuracy! Up to 200 times faster than manually retyped documents! Intuitive and logically designed User Interface. Anybody can use Readiris Pro 10 instantly! More versatile PDF creation. More output choices and application compatibility. Recognition of handprinted text in capital letters. New barcodes recognition. Reads Jpg 2000 And much more!
    In other words, with Readiris Pro 10, all your paper documents will be recognized and converted to editable text faster, easier and more accurately than ever before!
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