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  1. amber7

    amber7 Создатель

    15 сен 2017
    Yoast SEO Premium 11.2

    Release Date: May 15th, 2019


    • Fixes a bug where the create redirect button would be shown for users without the right permissions.
    • Fixes a bug where the URL to Pinterest’s claim page was incorrect. Props @ramiy.
    • Fixes a bug where notifications about incompatibility would be thrown for inactive add-ons.
    • Fixes a bug where URLs with a non-Yoast SEO related xsl query string parameter would result in a blank page. Props @stodorovic and @yiska.

    • Improves the keyphrase recognition for additional irregular verbs in German (e.g., brennen, senden, kennen).
    • Fixes a performance problem relating to collecting post cache including Prominent Words. These were being primed but are only used in internal functionality.
    • Introduces a fallback to the first image in the content for the schema output when no featured image has been set.
    • Adds a wpseo_schema_person_social_profiles filter to allow filtering in/out extra social profiles to show.
    • Adds a wpseo_schema_needs_<class_name> filter that allows filtering graph pieces in or out.
    • Adds a wpseo_sitemap_post_statuses filter to add posts with custom post statuses to the sitemap. Props to stodorovic and tolnem.
    • Adds a custom overlay color to the snippet preview modal.
    • Adds the correct focus style to the Configuration Wizard navigation buttons.
    • Props to @ramiy for making translating the plugin easier by merging near identical strings.

    • Removes the add_opengraph_namespace filter because the OGP.me HTML namespace is not used anymore.
    • Decouples the sitemap debug information from the general WP_DEBUG development flag and introduces the YOAST_SEO_DEBUG_SITEMAPS flag to better control this functionality.

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  2. Markim

    Markim Постоялец

    10 сен 2017
    Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium v11.2
    Yoast Video SEO Premium v11.2
    Yoast News SEO Premium v11.2
    Yoast Local SEO Premium v11.2

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  3. amber7

    amber7 Создатель

    15 сен 2017
    Yoast SEO Premium 11.2.1

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