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  1. Mr.Tokio


    17 дек 2007
    iDesign was built ground up on new principles to bring an enhanced experience to the design builder genre with a single aim – make creative web design fun, intuitive and efficient like never before. Here is a canvas that fits in anywhere and brings to life amazing designs with splendid ease that blends work into play.

    You can use this plugin for developing specific sections or visual elements that you require in your website. Or simply make it your new page builder to design awesome pages. It will even work alongside your current page builder if you need it to. iDesign is not fussy that way – just drop its shortcodes wherever your theme processes them normally and your designs will appear on your website, whether it’s in the footer, content area, widgets, sidebar, etc. You are welcome to browse iDesign’s vast array of presets Перейти по ссылке to get an idea of how refreshingly capable the plugin is at creating unique and requirement specific web design elements.
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