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    25 мар 2007
    Full Speed 2.7 Dramatically speed up your existing Internet broadband connection and get the best performance possible from your current Internet connection. Full Speed will increase your online Internet speed with everything you do: faster downloading, web browsing and web page loading, data streaming, email, P2P and gaming. Full Speed will also improve the performance of business communications which utilise Broadband technologies including Remote Desktop sessions, Intranets and Extranets over VPN's and WANs . One click it's done; no questions or any knowledge is required. Full Speed has a 'Clean' Award from Softpedia confirming that it is completely Spyware FREE. Full Speed also has no banners, popups, adverts, contracts, subscriptions, viruses or malware of any kind. Free performance testing software is also included for testing and comparison of download speeds and Web browsing performance.

    * Faster Internet access
    * Faster download speeds
    * Faster web site browsing performance
    * Improve Internet and Intranet performance
    * Quicker data download times
    * Improved streaming music and movies
    * Faster download for songs and video
    * Faster performance with email
    * Better download speed for all data
    * Faster loading Web graphics
    * Speed test for Web site browsing
    * Speed test for general data transfer

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