Cross Site Scripting Attacks: XSS Exploits and Defense

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  1. Sespider

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    25 июн 2007
    Syngress - Cross Site Scripting Attacks: XSS Exploits and Defense
    In the PDF format with ISBN: 1597491543 and Pub Date: May 15, 2007
    Язык: английский, PDF, 4.87 MB (5,107,198 bytes)
    Cross Site Scripting Attacks starts by defining the terms and laying out the ground work. It assumes that the reader is familiar with basic web program-ming (HTML) and JavaScript. First it discusses the concepts, methodology, and technology that makes XSS a valid concern. It then moves into the various types of XSS attacks, how they are implemented, used, and abused. After XSS is thoroughly explored, the next part provides examples of XSS malware and demonstrates real cases where XSS is a dange-rous risk that exposes internet users to remote access, sensitive data theft, and monetary losses. Finally, the book closes by examining the ways developers can avoid XSS vulnerabilities in their web applications, and how users can avoid becoming a victim. The audience is web developers, security practitioners, and managers.
    - XSS Vulnerabilities exist in 8 out of 10 Web sites.
    - The authors of this book are the undisputed industry leading authorities.
    - Contains independent, bleeding edge research, code listings and exploits that can not be found anywhere else.
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