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    4 июн 2007
    By utilizing an integerated filter database and an easy to use interface, Filters Unlimited reaches a new dimension in the world of graphics plug-ins. Combined with Photoshop Actions you can get incredible, really unlimited effects.

    Comes with more than 350 great built-in filters. And you can add more than 2,000 filters for free in just a few minutes by following our links.

    Filters Unlimited is also a complete filter development system. Build your own filter effects in minutes - it's as easy as using a pocket calculator.

    Just a quick rundown of the incredible features:

    * Fully Photoshop compatible filter plug-in
    * Manages unlimited number of Filter Factory filters
    * Manages unlimited number of filter databases
    * Imports filters in FFL, AFS and 8BF format
    * Intuitive, easy to use interface
    * Adobe Photoshop Actions fully supported
    * Integrated "Preset Management System"
    * "Drag & Drop" filter management
    * Comes with more than 350 built-in high quality filters
    * 2,000 additional filters available from the internet for free!
    * Integrated editor for your own filter creations (reference)



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