ExpressionEngine 2.6.0

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  1. ハッカー

    ハッカー Постоялец

    28 июл 2010
    Список изменений:
    • General Changes:
      • ExpressionEngine now requires PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.3.
      • Relationships field improvements:
        • New interface
        • Supports multiple relationships
        • Provides infinitely nestable relationship tags
        • Provides access to siblings and parents
        • SafeCracker support
      • Timezone selection menus now include all timezones for automatic date localization and handling of Daylight Saving Time rules.
      • Added Subscriber List tag to the Comment Module
      • Added inline option to paginate parameter.
      • Added new variables to the Channel Next/Previous tags:
        • {channel_short_name}
        • {channel}
        • {channel_url}
        • {comment_entry_id_auto_path}
        • {comment_url_title_auto_path}
      • Added new variable {comment_subscriber_total} to the Channel Entries tag.
      • Modified channel entries to no longer allow conditional parsing within content (See Update Notes for Version 2.6 for details)
      • Entry View Tracking is now disabled by default.
      • Server offset setting has been removed from Localization Settings and is now a hidden configuration variable only, called server_offset.
      • Added SMTP Server Port to the Email Configuration page.
      • Added a hidden config, email_smtp_crypto, that allows you to specify an encryption protocol for SMTP email.
      • PHP’s upload_max_filesize setting is now displayed in the File Upload Preferences form.
      • Added a status_code=”” parameter to the {redirect} tag allowing you to specify the status code of the redirect. Currently only accepts 3xx status codes.
      • smtp_password is now an input of type=”password” in Admin->Email Configuration.
      • Added category_url_title to the category edit page table after Category Name.
      • Changed password reset flow to remove an unnecessary step and force them to change their password.
      • Added channel_short_name variable to the comment entries tag.
      • Added the ability to use the system default thumbnails inside file field variable pairs.
      • Template manager no longer automatically adds files starting with ._.

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    11 май 2013
    Проблема в том, что ee2.6 несовместимо с большим количеством plugins