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Компонент Unite Revolution Slider

Тема в разделе "Joomla", создана пользователем seetvael, 24 мар 2013.

Информация :
  • Уважаемые пользователи, прежде чем ответить в теме или создать новую, внимательно ознакомьтесь с правилами раздела
  • Не задавайте глупых вопросов "Посоветуйте какой-нибудь компонент.." Есть JED!!! Ищите там!!!
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Модераторы: arman29, DMS
  1. seetvael


    24 мар 2012
    Замечательный слайдер для joomla: Unite Revolution Slider
    Версия 2.2.8 от 26.09.2013г. для joomla 2.5-3.х

    Версия 4.6.3 b3 от 21.11.2014г. для joomla 2.5-3.х

    JED, сайт, demo
    Версия которая указана в посте корректна, постоянно обновляется!
    Разработчики не утруждаются обновлением версий на JED.
    Компонент с официального сайта и не содержит вредоносного кода.

    Лог с версии 4.5:
    version 4.6.3 b3

    -change: added more options to permissions

    version 4.6.3 b2

    -bug fix: fixed import from dynamic captions issue

    version 4.6.3 b1

    -bug fix: fixed slider import function

    version 4.6.3

    bug fix: Fixed an issue where the Slide Link was not working correctly

    version 4.6.2

    -feature: Added "revkill" as method to remove the Slider from the page silently if needed
    -feature: Added "slideatend" event that triggers if the slide is at the end
    -feature: Added new Custom Controls for HTML5 Video Player to avoid Chrome "unclickable" buttons issue
    -feature: Added Rotating Loop Animation on Layers
    -feature: Spinner can now be disabled in the Slider Settings
    -feature: New fallback options for iOS4 and IE8 added in the Slider Settings (Alternative Image and/or simplyfied output)
    -feature: Added option to redraw Slider on browser tab focus

    -change: More changes on exporting Sliders for further compatibility
    -change: Saving CSS / a new CSS class through the style editor will now sanitize the classname
    -change: Setting the single slide setting in the Slide Editor to off will now set the values Arrows Type and Bullets Type to none
    -change: Improved minifying support
    -change: Easy auto settings for single loop option
    -change: Videos on mobile devices available again
    -change: Changed backend icon of static layers to avoid confusion
    -change: Removed console=1 from the YouTube default settings (only works for new added YouTube video layers)
    -change: Enabled unlimited speed parameter

    -bug fix: Improved the size and style handling of Layers in Slide Editor (resizing, rotating and lost values of parameters)</li>
    -bug fix: IE8 - line height "auto" broke the fullscreen slider. In case "auto" is set, the font size +4px will be calculated for line height</li>
    -bug fix: z-index bug for first layer in case dotted overlay exists fixed
    -bug fix: Chrome's max-width fallback from % to px. Slides accepting now only px values!
    -bug fix: Transition speed had no influence on real transitions
    -bug fix: Max transition can now have the same value as the max delay of the Slide
    -bug fix: Fixed missing Box Slide, Paper Cut and Box Fade transitions
    -bug fix: Fix of Lists in Captions - Formatting and Display issues
    -bug fix: Link to Another Slide in Random Mode Bug linked to the wrong Slide Bug is fixed
    -bug fix: Undefined poster image on HTML5 videos fixed
    -bug fix: Fixed Vimeo/YouTube timings (delaying issues)
    -bug fix: Fixed KenBurn dotted overlay
    -bug fix: Fixed problem with loop animations
    -bug fix: Fixed navigation style issues
    -bug fix: Fixed Pan Zoom for mobile issues
    -bug fix: Fixed a bug where videos restarted on resize
    -bug fix: Fixed a bug where hide slider on mobile did not work on certain devices
    -bug fix: Fixed a bug with speed parameters
    -bug fix: Fixed a bug where caption naming in layers list was not updating anymore
    -bug fix: Further IE8 compatibility by changing CSS styles
    -bug fix: Fixed boxfade and boxslide animations
    -bug fix: Fixed a bug where the first layer z-index was always placed behind the dotted overlay

    version 4.6 b1

    -bug fix: added space in parameters output

    version 4.6

    -feature: Option to disable each video on mobile
    -feature: Option to disable Pan Zoom on Mobile
    -feature: Option to disable Parallax on Mobile
    -feature: Randomized Animation from the Selected Animations available now
    -feature: New Offset option for the Scroll Below Function
    -feature: New Option to set Slider Min Height - Content will be vertical centered in case content container is smaller then min height of Slider
    -feature: New Loop Options for HTML5 Videos: none, loop and stop Slider Timer or Loop till Progress Bar reaches the End

    -change: Alternative First Slide wins now, even if Random Slides is enabled
    -change: Vimeo, YouTube and HTML5 Video can be added now via options on demand instead of preadding iFrames. This will avoid Preloads delays, and slow site loadings
    -change: Using now tp-videolayer class for Videos to identificate Video Layers better
    -change: Class "current-sr-slide-visible" added to the Slide "li" tag which is currently Visible
    -change: Swipe Engine Change
    -change: Swipe Treshold Option Default 75 - The number of pixels that the user must move their finger by before it is considered a swipe.
    -change: Swipe Min Finger Default 1 - Min Finger (touch) used for swipe
    -change: Drag Block Vertical Default false - Scroll Auto below Slider on Vertical Swipe on Slider

    -bug fix: YouTube Force Rewind fix
    -bug fix: YouTube Mute in Second Loop fix
    -bug fix: Ken Burns Dotted Overlay was not visible
    -bug fix: IE8 Console Group Issue - Slider was not visible in IE8
    -bug fix: Looping Issues if Slides has been manually hanged after Loop Stopped
    -bug fix: Browser Tab Change -> Broken ELements fixed. Option for Slide Change on Blur Tab / Browser also available.
    -bug fix: Navigation Style Preview1- Preview4 Styling issues
    -bug fix: Power2 Error at some Animation
    -bug fix: Mouse Over on Loaded PArallax Slider issue - Slider will always play parallax effect, even if Mouse was already hovering the slider at laod
    -bug fix: IE8 and other Old MObile Devices Fall Back on simple Transitions. CAn be forced now
    -bug fix: HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo Video Playback fixes
    -bug fix: in admin side moved vimeo search to https

    version 4.5.95 b6

    -bug fix: fixed some small php bug in output clawsws

    version 4.5.95 b5

    -bug fix: removed notice about usestqaticlayers variable

    version 4.5.95 b4

    - bug fix: fixed slider one slide mode

    version 4.5.95 b3

    -bug fix: fixed some bug with use_hammer variable

    version 4.5.95 b2

    - change: changed all the imagesa to relative paths
    - bug fix: fixed external link background image
    version 4.5.95 b1

    - bug fix: fixed thumb navigation type

    version 4.5.95

    -feature: Fixed Flickering effects on mobile devices
    -feature: Fixed stuttering on animation with many layers
    -feature: Fixed Ken Burn animation failures after few Transition types
    -feature: Added Safari 3d Back to Transitions
    -feature: Fixed some broken Slide Transitions
    -feature: Fixed IE8 transition failres, fall back always on Fade

    version 4.5.9

    - feature: Drag and Rotate the Layer Content to set a 2D Rotation per element
    - feature: Drag and Resize Elements, images, Contents for better text breaks, and more flexibility
    - feature: Now also Split Animated Text content can be Rotated
    - feature: Added feature to allow Looped Animation and Rotated Content

    - change: Reenabled Link ID, Class, Title and Rel in Slide Editor
    - change: Minimized Style Output in the Document, only used Layer Styles are really loaded
    - change: Changed the Aq_Resize name to prevend conflicts with other themes that also use it and modified code in it
    - change: Updated GreenSock Engine to 12.1
    - change: Protected Mode for GreenSock for ThemePunch Plugins added. No more conflict between any other plugins / themes and ThemePunch Tools
    - change: Lag Smoothing Enabled

    -bug fix: Fixed Vimeo First Auto Play issue
    -bug fix: Fixed unseletable elements in Locked Mode
    -bug fix: Fixed Output Failure if Rotated and Looped Animation has been selected
    -bug fix: Various Bug fix in Drag And Drop Editor
    -bug fix: Fix of Background Image if Screen size less Then Grid Width, postion of Elements and BG backend and frontend looked different
    -bug fix: Various Fixes for Mobile Styling. Broken Transitions, bad performance on Mobile devices
    -bug fix: Bug with Rotated Layers on Backend fixed
    -bug fix: Bug with MAx Width and Max Height of elements was not visible in Backend
    -bug fix: White Space Bugs - Backend was not displaying settings of White Spaces
    -bug fix: Ken Burn Images on backend was distorted if Window has been resized
    -bug fix: Fullscreen Layout Without Offset Heights got the Wrong Height
    -bug fix: Bug fixed where Parallax Mode for Mobile Disabled breaks the 2nd and further Slider Positions

    version 4.5.5 b3

    -fixed admin js bugs with Tips Class

    version 4.5.5 b2

    -bug fix: static_slides table is crated now within install
    -bug fix: static slides styles update added

    version 4.5.5

    - feature: Option to disable parallax on mobile added
    - feature: Option to add an offset in px or % to FullScreen Slider
    - feature: Two new Slide transitions: Parallax Vertical and Parallax Horizontal
    - feature: Static Layers added. Can be found under Slide List (new button called "Edit Static Layers")
    - feature: Possibility added to insert id, class, attr and i.e. own data attributes to each specific Slide
    - feature: data-parallaxoffset attribute is now available and updated on Scroll. This value can be interesting for Developers to read current Parallax Offsets of the elements with the jQuery selector .tp-parallax-container (Possible usage for Blur, Fade, Rotation effects based on the values)

    - change: Static Layers now have to be enable in each Slider for usage (can be found in General Settings tab)
    - change: onChange Event delivers the Slide Index and the Slide jQuery Object now
    - change: Global option JavaScript into footer now also adds the revslider calls into the footer

    - bug fix: Lazy Loading bug in combination with Static Layers fixed
    - bug fix: "Hide Slider Under" option did not redraw the Layers after Resize. Bug is fixed
    - bug fix: YouTube Video Bug with Overlay Image on Mobile Devices.
    - bug fix: IE8 and IE9 Slide Link Bug Fixed
    - bug fix: Layers sometimes not fading out fixed
    - bug fix: IE jQuery bugfix
    - bug fix: Responsive Through All Levels fixed where checkbox would be always checked on each element after reload of Slide Editor
    - bug fix: Thumbnail is not Showing has been fixed
    - bug fix: Auto Play only First Time on Videos (YouTube and Vimeo) did not work well.
    - bug fix: Imported layers will be stripped of slashes now
    Последнее редактирование: 3 дек 2014
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  2. Frick

    Frick Постоялец

    6 окт 2007
    Создал слайды - в программе отображается все хорошо - включаю показ слайда - вместо кириллицы - бардак - настроек кодировки у скрипта не нашел. В чем может быть дело? Можно ли исправить без копания в коде?
  3. seetvael


    24 мар 2012
    Допиши в .htaccess
    AddDefaultCharset Utf-8
    Последнее редактирование: 16 фев 2014
    Frick нравится это.
  4. teknik

    teknik Создатель

    22 окт 2013
    у кого проблема была, у меня так беру nite Revolution Slider2.0.4+virtuemart2.0.24, слайды не запускаются, пишет мол типа обнови jquery до 1.7, решил отключить jquery VM, перестали добавляться товары в корзину, нашел плагин для jquery, (название не помню) он подгружает библиотеки jquery, слайдер заработал, VM тоже скрипя зубами пошел, но определенное кол-во товара не добавляется. Вообщем не смог подружить Slider и virtuemart.
  5. Genk0


    2 июн 2010
    Ответ один - приводим в порядок jquery. От проброса расширений на одну версию jquery, до урегулирования конфликтов.
    Как? - ггл в помощь
  6. Intheomsk

    Intheomsk Создатель

    1 июл 2013
    Можно ли в данном слайдере изменить размер изображения в слое ? Когда применяю стили из captions.css, то в конструкторе выглядит как нужно, но в живом виде размер картинки возвращается к исходному, размер берется не из css, а прописан в самих тэгах страницы.

    Не знаю, правильно ли это, но вроде получилось. В файле settings.css компонента убрал 2 строчки
    .rev_slider img{
    max-width:none !important;
    max-width:none !important;
    Добавлено Genk0: Нарушение правил раздела: 2 поста подряд
    Последнее редактирование модератором: 14 ноя 2013
  7. artefakt777


    15 июл 2012
    Можно ли в настройках прописать border-radius, чтобы края скруглить? Или только на картинке обрезать и в png ее конвертнуть?
    Разобрался, если кому нужно, открываем файл /media/com_uniterevolution2/assets/rs-plugin/css/settings.css
    и в свойство .rev_slider >ul >li:before дописываем:
    border-radius: 8px 8px 8px 8px;
    -moz-border-radius: 8px 8px 8px 8px;
    -webkit-border-radius: 8px 8px 8px 8px;
    Последнее редактирование: 31 мар 2014
  8. typus


    25 июл 2007
    Всем привет, впервые столкнулся с данным слайдером для joomla, для WP revslider хорошо знаком, а тут легкий затык, не пойму, почему слайды сменяются рамдомно, как бог на душу положит? Вроде и назначил по порядку, и имена дал соответствующие, вижу в настройках "старт с 1-го слайда", а все равно бегают как попало. А мне это не надо бы..
  9. spro1


    26 май 2013
    в общих параметрах слайдера пункт режим перемешивания что указано?
    typus нравится это.
  10. xenaPrincess

    xenaPrincess Постоялец

    26 апр 2013
    Здравствуйте , это можно проследить количество кликов слайд с заднего конца этого компонента , чтобы знать , насколько успешно каждый слайд изображение ?