[На английском] Manual rating guidelines from Google v3.27

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    28 фев 2013
    The manual rating guidelines from Google v3.27

    Part 1: Rating Guidelines
    1.0 Welcome to the Search Quality Rating Program!
    2.0 Understanding the Query
    3.0 The Language of the Landing Page
    4.0 The Rating Scale
    5.0 Rating: From User Intent to Assigning a Rating
    6.0 Flags
    Part 2: URL Rating Tasks with User Locations
    1.0 Important Definitions
    2.0 Location-Specific Rating Task Screenshot
    3.0 The Role of User Location in Understanding Query Interpretation/User Intent
    Part 3: Page Quality Rating Guidelines
    1.0 Overview of Page Quality Evaluation
    2.0 Landing Page Considerations
    3.0 Answering Homepage and Website Questions
    4.0 Assigning an Overall Page Quality Rating
    5.0 Additional Page Quality Rating Guidance
    6.0 Page Quality Rating and URL Rating
    7.0 Page Quality Rating FAQs
    Part 4: Rating Examples
    1.0 Named Entity Queries
    2.0 Action Queries
    3.0 Information Queries
    4.0 Queries that Ask for a List
    5.0 Rating Examples for Task Locations other than English (US)
    Part 5: Webspam Guidelines
    1.0 What is Webspam ?
    2.0 Browser Requirement
    3.0 Looking for Technical Signals
    4.0 Helpful Webpages vs. Spam Webpages
    5.0 Commercial Intent
    6.0 Phishing Websites
    7.0 Spam and the Resolving Stage
    8.0 Conclusion
    Part 6: Using EWOQ
    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 Accessing the EWOQ Rating Interface
    3.0 Rating
    4.0 Rating Home Screenshots
    5.0 Resolving Tasks (Re-rating Unresolved Tasks) / Moderators
    6.0 Commenting Etiquette
    Part 7: Quick Guide to URL Rating
    Part 8: Quick Guide to Webspam Recognition

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