Inside Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

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    30 апр 2007
    As the title implies, Inside Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 examines SQL Server from the inside out, investigating the technical workings of this complex database product. Author Kalen Delaney has updated this popular title, penned originally by Ron Soukup. Both authors emphasize that Inside Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 does not work well as an introductory tutorial but is designed to elevate existing SQL Server knowledge to the next level.
    The initial 31-page overview describes the colorful history of SQL Server with an excellent rundown of composite technologies and important features of the database. A very insightful analysis of SQL Server's engine internals follows, which breaks down all of the various manager components and explains how they work.
    The remainder of the book focuses on the intelligent implementation of SQL Server in a number of areas. A chapter on planning and installation gives an unusually detailed look at hardware and software strategies for high performance and reliability. The book then covers how to effectively work with databases, tables, queries, transactions, triggers, and cursors.
    Each subject receives highly detailed coverage with the goal of enhancing your decision making skills with knowledge of the inner workings of the product. Inside Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 is a database administrator's (DBA) gold mine--a rare treasury of in-depth product knowledge from true masters. --Stephen Plain​
    (прим.Astone:(На русском описания к сожалению не нашел, но думаю те, кого эта книга заинтересует в нем и не нуждаются ;)
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