Kayako SupportSuite 3.11 STABLE "Zend" "ionCube"

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  1. nostrand

    nostrand Постоялец

    23 сен 2006
    SupportSuite : 3.11.00 STABLE
    - Staff and administrator control panels completely rewritten
    - Staff permissions tightened in general
    - ViperCart LoginShare module added
    - FSRevolution LoginShare module added
    - BUGFIX: Client login doesn't work in Firefox 2
    - BUGFIX: 0 Maching Results Found shown on each page
    - BUGFIX: Database port configuration isn't used
    - BUGFIX: Contact "%s" deleted successfully
    - BUGFIX: template group links are incorrect
    - BUGFIX: Alerts remain in DB after staff that created them has been deleted
    - BUGFIX: Login e-mail address is case sensitive
    - BUGFIX: New lines removed when inserting KB article in to ticket.
    - BUGFIX: Knowledgebase article viewable without permission for kb-category
    - BUGFIX: Conference chat doesn't announce new addition
    - BUGFIX: Filter with no matches returns incorrect results
    - BUGFIX: Mail parser incorrectly determining From address
    - BUGFIX: Wrong datatype for second argument
    - BUGFIX: Time worked entry on billing tab not saved if billable time is set to "0" (zero)
    - BUGFIX: Staff permissions do not work
    - BUGFIX: PHPAudit loginshare does not work
    - BUGFIX: Display Order Doesnt Work For LiveRespose Department
    - BUGFIX: Private departments showing up in client portal!
    - BUGFIX: Issues with URL tracking and permissions
    - BUGFIX: Incorrect reporting in the department summary
    - BUGFIX: unable to modify billing date
    - BUGFIX: Seeing unexpected results when searching by TicketID
    - BUGFIX: Ticket password not encrypted in cookie
    - BUGFIX: Mail Parser doesn't handle codepages properly
    - BUGFIX: "Staff X is viewing ticket..."
    - BUGFIX: Ticket Alert sending wrong ticket status
    - BUGFIX: Issue new autoresponder bug
    - BUGFIX: Path Disclosure Vulnerability (SyncML)
    - BUGFIX: Add more bad ticket IDs
    - BUGFIX: Staff > Manage Teams > Can Delete Ticket permission does not prevent staff from ban/delete
    - BUGFIX: Ticket change to non-existing status > ticket lost
    - BUGFIX: InstaAlert alerts prepended with ":"
    - BUGFIX: RSS icon is nonstandard
    - BUGFIX: Charset in the email subjects are not parsed correctly
    - BUGFIX: New Ticket's From Line
    - BUGFIX: Rating Report Shows Blank Ratings
    - BUGFIX: Plain Text Links - Limited To One
    - BUGFIX: Ticket (SLA) due times not being recalculated on client reply
    - BUGFIX: Department filter doesn't hold
    - BUGFIX: bandelete in twice
    - BUGFIX: Live Support Select Department Prompt Doesn't Count Teams/Groups
    - BUGFIX: Change user email does not update tickets
    - BUGFIX: Quick Search after subject change
    - BUGFIX: User can refresh to resubmit ticket even with CATCHPA
    - BUGFIX: Chats still go to Away users
    - BUGFIX: When upgrading or importing or modifying, password field not used
    - BUGFIX: Attachment Restrictions
    - BUGFIX: Time Worked entries are recorded as billing entries when added via post reply
    - BUGFIX: Email Rule Autoresponder
    - BUGFIX: Spell Check doesn't
    - BUGFIX: Name in Autoresponder
    - BUGFIX: Error in e-mail field validation
    - BUGFIX: Date conversion from SyncWorks issue
    - BUGFIX: Ticket list in client portal does not sort properly on client first view of ticket list
    - BUGFIX: Predefined Replies
    - BUGFIX: Creating post only records the first recipent where mutliple reciepents are entered
    - BUGFIX: Users aren't deleted
    - BUGFIX: Mass Reply defaults to incorrect email address
    - BUGFIX: From Override settigns doesnt work
    - BUGFIX: Edit subject line with Quotes
    - BUGFIX: Due time not recalculated on department change
    - BUGFIX: Insert Event w/end time doubles event duration
    - BUGFIX: Ticket got deleted when merge with itself
    - BUGFIX: Billing Calendar Wrong
    - BUGFIX: Ticket Status not restricted to departments.
    - BUGFIX: "Purge Attchments" spelling error
    - BUGFIX: Merge option reporting error
    - BUGFIX: Owner Drop Down Sort
    - BUGFIX: No spaces at emails with non-english characters
    - BUGFIX: Inserting Subscriber from Staff CP



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