[Разное] Zeta Producer Enterprise 7.00.7005

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  1. solidwar

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    1 сен 2006
    Zeta Producer Enterprise 7.00.7005

    Create your own web site within minutes with the new Zeta Producer 7! Have you been looking for a tool that will let you create a homepage within minutes or to create and manage sophisticated web sites without HTML or programming know-how? Zeta Producer has many features that are usually found only in far more expensive content management systems.

    But at the same time it is as easy to use and to install as a 'small' HTML-editor. With Zeta Producer you have an advanced tool to manage your web site. It offers a complete set of functions that allow you to concentrate on the contents of your web site without needing any technical know-how. Zeta Producer 7 is the content management system you have been looking for.

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