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  1. X_kom

    X_kom Постоялец

    29 янв 2007
    CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2007 v10.0.0.210 (Retail)

    Html редактор с набором всех необходимых для такого типа программ функциями, а также с поддержкой работы с ftp серверами. Есть огромное количество готовых заготовок: графика, иконки, фоны, готовые java-скипты. Поддерживается работа с несколькими веб-страницами, а также обновления сайтов по протоколу FTP.

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  2. moscowcity

    moscowcity Постоялец

    27 сен 2007
    очень хороший редактор, мне понравился, но лучше него только дримвивер
  3. Sland

    Sland ПротNв те4ениR

    15 дек 2006

    Html редактор с набором всех необходимых для такого типа программ функциями, а также с поддержкой работы с ftp серверами. Есть огромное количество готовых заготовок: графика, иконки, фоны, готовые java-скипты. Поддерживается работа с несколькими веб-страницами, а также обновления сайтов по протоколу FTP.

    The CoffeeCup HTML Editor is 2 Editors in 1. If you know HTML or want to learn more use the powerful and easy Code Editor that has set the standard since 1996. To make pages fast, or without knowing HTML use the drag and drop WYSIWYG Visual Editor. You can also go back and forth between the Code and Visual Editors to create remarkable Websites in a snap. CoffeeCup comes with more than 100 DHTML & JavaScripts, a DHTML Menu wizard, 25,000 Graphics and Photos including over 1,000 XP Style Icons. It also has Built-in FTP Uploading and easy to use Table, Frame, Font, and Form Designers. Preview your work in any browser or use the exclusive Split Screen preview. Other features include a Project Manager, Flash Text Wizard, Color Scrollbar Wizard, StyleSheet Editor, List Wizard, Image Mapper, Website Color Schemer and Free Upgrades and Support for life.

    Feature List:
    * Most importantly and probably the biggest upgrade EVER for HTML Editor is the addition of WYSIWYG capabilities. You can now design, edit, drag-and-drop until your heart is content, without needing to look at the HTML code.
    * Free Support & Free Upgrades for Life
    * Rocking HTML & CSS Code Completion
    * Our Open from Web function lets you view and edit code right off the internet. A great resource for learning HTML.

    Скачать CoffeeCup HTML Editor v2008 Build 236
    * The DHTML Menu Builder is the tool you've been waiting for! Now you can make sharp looking dropdown menus in minutes, no scripting experience necessary!
    * DHTML & JavaScripts Included
    * Fast & Simple Image and Link Inserting
    * Wizards for Frames, Tables, Forms, Fonts & more
    * Easy Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Visual Editor
    * Upload your webpages with a click of the mouse! Our Right-Click FTP and Built-in FTP Program keeps website updates simple.
    * Full-Featured HTML Code Editor with Quickstart
    * Unbelievable Project Management features
    * Want easy to use JavaScripts? We included the best JavaScripts you'll find!
    * Built in SiteMapper Creator
    * A BIG bag of snazzy Graphics included
    * Spelling mistakes and typos are a thing of the past with our Active Spell Check feature. The HTML Editor will check for errors as you type, right-click the selection for the correct spelling.
    * Are you worried that your page uses an older version of HTML? Worry no longer, we have added an XHTML conversion tool to convert those old pages
    * New stand alone Free FTP client included with HTML Editor 2007!
    * Since more of you are using our program for other types of code, likeXHTML and PHP we added their tags to the program as well.
    * Cross Browser compatibility is important, and testing in different browsers can be annoying and time consuming. The HTML Editor allows quick and easy browsing with any installed web browser.
    * HTML Editor has CoffeeCup SiteMapper built right in, no charge.
    * Our Table Wizard guides you step by step to creating stable HTML tables. Beginners will appreciate the WYSIWYG interface.
    * Highlighting your HTML tags makes webpage building easier. Customize your Tag Highlighting Options to fit your style.
    * HTML Editor now includes CoffeeCup Image Mapper 4.0. FREE!!
    * The HTML Editor handles multiple page editing effortlessly. Simply tab between open .html files.
    * Every purchase of the HTML Editor includes Ten Free Website Templates, Valued at $190.
    * Avoid grammatical faux pas with the extensive vocabulary of our built-in thesaurus.
    * We know you want as much room as possible to edit your pages so we made the left panel scroll in and out, to get it out of your way.
    * Not sure how to create the code to use Frames on your website? No problem, just use Frame Designer.
    * Use the Split Screen Preview w/ JavaScript, CSS & DHTML to view the changes while you make them.
    * Super Snazzy Style Sheet Editor, your one stop shop for no hassle CSS.
    * Keep track of your image files and apply attributes quickly with the Image Preview function.
    * Typing the same HTML or javascript code over and over again is repetitive and boring. Save often used code as a Snippet and click and drag whenever you need it again.
    * Certain special characters have to be formatted with HTML tags, it's easy with our Special Characters list. Just point and click!
    * The CoffeeCup HTML Editor's HTML Stripper feature removes tags from selected text. A handy feature if you're dealing with large blocks of text.
    * New DHTML Scripts make dynamic websites available to everyone. We included a dozen of them for your convenience.
    * Plus thousands of professional quality web graphics. These FREE images help make your site look the way you want.
    * Large sites are easy to manage with the Project Manager. Get instant access to your webpages and images and more!
    * Background images give your website a finished look, so we've packed the Editor full of them!
    * HTML has great displays for listing items, if you know how to use them. But with our List Designer you don't have to know the code, just point and click!
    * Even HTML experts make mistakes, but with Unlimited Undo those mistakes disappear with the click of a button.
    * With so many great CoffeeCup Software programs, you'll want easy access to other programs while developing your website. What's easier than point and click?
    * The HTML Editor can generate your font tags for you. Simple point and click options let you customize Font Attributes.
    * and a whole lot more.

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    Size: 23.7 mb

    Скачать CoffeeCup HTML Editor v2008 Build 236

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  4. walker

    walker Писатель

    16 июл 2007
  5. Dreyk

    Dreyk Прохожие

    На мой взгляд существуют только 2 лучших html-редактор. Это - Блокнот и Дримвивер. Только они могут предоставить полноценный функционал веб-дизайнеру)))
  6. sandel

    sandel Создатель

    27 апр 2006
    есть третий, EditPlus - в нем прекрасно код писать
  7. 3d tiger

    3d tiger

    14 июн 2008
    CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2008 build 242 Portable

    CoffeeCup HTML Editor – многофункциональный программный комплекс для веб-программирования, включающий в себя 2 редактора: 1) мощный и простой редактор HTML, 2)визуальный HTML (WYSIWYG) редактор. В комплекс интегрирован FTP-клиент, множество шаблонов, картинок, иконок, присутствует возможность предпросмотра в браузере.

    CoffeeCup HTML Editor предоставляет следующие возможности:
    # помощники по таблицам, формам, шрифтам и т.п.;
    # 125 Java-скриптов;
    # многочисленные графические заготовки;
    # 40 встроенных Web-шаблонов;
    # средства опубликования материалов на вашем сайте;
    # Project Manager, который позволяет хранить все необходимые файлы вместе;
    # функция FTP-загрузки на ваш сайт (доступная по щелчку на правой кнопке мыши);
    # подсветка синтаксиса тэгов HTML;
    # встроенный оптимизатор HTML-кода;
    # настраиваемый под индивидуального пользователя интерфейс и многое другое.

    Размер: 30 MB

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