Iron Grip: Lords of Atelia (MMORPG SCRIPT)

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    The war is over and the Confederates have been pushed back. From the ashes, warriors rise to lead Atelia to prosperity. You decide the cost of peace. You determine the toll of war. Lead on. In Iron Grip: Lords of Atelia, you play as the leader of a rebel group. However, before you can get started, you have to make a very important choice. When creating an account you must decide what faction you’ll play as.

    It is time I lend my knowledge to all you tribes still struggling with the game, especially at low level. This guide is about how to manage Small Armies, and still be effective and efficient against larger opponents.

    First of all, let me state it is perfectly possible to manage a relatively small army in IG Lords, contrary to what you might think. Trying to get a lot of followers is very demanding in resources, especially if you are attacked and lose some of those expensive troops you just bought. Replacing a small army is much and much cheaper, and the price for new recruits is much lower too. But I hear you already say; but what about mining? Or my defenses? Much less how about attacking? Well I will deal with all these topics 1 by 1. The key thing to remember when using this tactic is: You are going for Quality, instead of Quantity. This applies to buildings, weapons and armor!

    Choosing a Faction
    When going for a small army tactic, try to take a tribe that gives you a discount on buildings, a bonus to power or a bonus on Iron mining. A discount on buildings is very useful as you will be able to upgrade your buildings fast, increasing your mining output and decreasing prices for weapons, armor and tools. (Again; quality over quantity)

    As soon as you start, put all your followers in the mines, and buy new followers up to around 200. Ignore the defense and offense buildings and weapons for now, you need to get your economy going. Spend your power mainly on tools, especially hammers (for iron). The number of tools you buy also determines how your miners are divided among the mines. Try to keep a ratio of about 3 hammers to 1 Shovel. You will quickly see that your economy will start to grow. Don't forget to upgrade your warehouse too!
    Now as you gain more resources, upgrade your mines; put a priority on the Iron Mine, as you need a lot of Iron in the beginning.

    Upgrading the mines / warehouse should give you experience, and with experience comes: you guessed it; LEVEL UP! Now which boost to take? As a Small Army, your weakness lies in your economy. Boosting however only 1 attribute such as iron or coal mining, doesn’t really pay off. I suggest you take either Power, which is a resource that is ALWAYs rare, or if you have taken the tribe with a discount on buildings, boost that discount ability even more! Upgrading buildings is what your key-tactic is going to be.

    By now, you should be around level 3 and start to think about protecting yourself. Build a Armor workshop, and start upgrading it as soon as possible. Take to start with the Camouflage Kit, it gives a nice bonus to small armies against larger foes, but don't go overboard with it. Because you have a small army, you can buy armor for almost every member in your army. Ensure every defender has an Armor he is using, again: Quality over Quantity (it’s your mantra when using this tactic haha!)
    As soon as you see your alertness drop because of you level, shift workers to you defense to a ratio of about 50/50. The defensive weapons you want to go later on for are the fixed turrets and barricades. These will limit the enemy's ability to use their numbers against you, and give your troops sufficient protection. Don't be afraid to use the Special Order Fortify a lot, if you've made someone angry! Barricades work especially well in Fortify!
    Don't bother to go for the large artillery pieces, this work well for large armies. You want that Mobile HQ later on!

    Funnily/paradoxically enough, small army tactics are aggressive! You cannot afford to turtle, because you can't stop those lumbering giant armies. Don't be dismayed if you lose fights in the beginning, you can easily replace your losses and a large enemy must invest much more to replace his losses than you!
    And, because you have a small force, you lose only relatively a few troops, because most high level attack weapons are good against "Large Armies" haha!!
    So, how to work with a small army then? You wage a war of attrition. Your losses are easily replenished, in contrast to large follower armies who must pay a fortune to replace them. You must make multiple small raids against 1 opponent (do this only when his alertness is low enough or you will lose extra troops), and pick fights with weak-looking lower level opponents.
    Use the Plan Offensive Special Order a lot for this! This will boost your attack rating tremendously!
    Remember, you are an opportunist and a raider, but with HIGH quality troops that do ALOT of damage, even if they lose. Attack often, and focus on the weak, as you want to gain as much experience as you can, and you can dwindle your opponent's numbers if you persist. The weapons I would go for are the Bombers, Tanks, Assault Walker, and much later on the Flying Doom if you ever reach that level of income! Bombers especially are effective. Go for Vengeance attacks, and destroy those defensive weapons and the enemy's ability to counter attack! With only 3 men per bomber, you can easily get a whole army of them (BOMBS AWAY!!!).
    Keep upgrading your buildings to get the greatest discount AND most important of all; ensure that your offensive troops are ALL using a weapon of some sorts. You are going here for "Quality" instead of "Quantity".

    Generals are normally very useful. Cepheus however is more suited to a turtler-large army general. You would do best to wait with generals until you are lvl 10. Take the general (forgotten his/her name) that gives you a discount on either troops (nice for replenishing the ranks) or more importantly; experience! Since you will do a lot of fighting, experience is essential! Attack weaker opponents (again, you are an opportunist) and get the maximum of experience from your raids!

    So, that wraps it up a bit. What it all comes down to: upgrade buildings, upgrade buildings upgrade buildings! Buildings can't be destroyed, and you want to offset your lack of manpower with quality!

    Devious Ploy
    When you attack someone, take all your troops from your DEFENSE and put them into your OFFENSE! Once you've attacked, put them straight back though! This has 2 advantages; Your numbers don't have to be large, and your economy doesn't suffer when you are attacking!

    Demo :

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    19 авг 2009
    Если вы не владеете ООП (Объектно-ориентированное программирование), то лучше не браться за эту игру. Мало того, что в коде куча багов и ошибок, так еще эта игра связана с пшпмайлером, джумлай и булкой. Фактически ничего оригинального в этой игре нет, кроме графики. Многое не реализовано или сделано на половину. Код ИМХО очень еще сырой.
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