Wallace B. Beginning Ajax With ASP .NET

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    14 ноя 2006

    Authors: Wallace B. McClure, Scott Cate, Paul Glavich, Craig Shoemaker, "Beginning Ajax With ASP .NET"
    Wrox | Sep 2006 | ISBN: 047178544X | English | 428 pages | PDF | 6.8 MB (book with source code)
    Ajax is a set of technologies that will revolutionize the way that web-based applications are designed. It revolutionizes the way that applications are used, provides users a responsive application, and provides developers with the alternatives for building their applications. We believe that this book will meet your needs regarding programming Ajax on the ASP.NET platform.

    People interested in this book will be developers who are working in the ASP.NET environment and are looking to create a more responsive and modern application using technologies that are very similar to the desktop methodologies. Developers who are looking to improve the user experience of their existing applications, develop new applications, develop internal line-of-business applications, and those who want to bulk up with the latest technology that developers all over the world are talking about will find what they are looking for here.

    This book is for programmers who use ASP.NET and are just starting to use Ajax technologies. This book will assist developers working on ASP.NET-based applications who want to improve their applications and skills, by providing a background in Ajax for them before delving into how to apply Ajax to their applications.

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Ajax on ASP.NET
    Chapter 2: Introduction to DHTML
    Chapter 3: JavaScript and the Document Object Model
    Chapter 4: The XMLHttpRequest Object
    Chapter 5: Data Communication: XML, XSLT, and JSON
    Chapter 6: What Is Built into ASP.NET
    Chapter 7: Ajax.NET Professional Library
    Chapter 8: Anatomy of Ajax.NET Pro Library
    Chapter 9: Other Ajax Frameworks for .NET
    Chapter 10: Atlas Client Script
    Chapter 11: Atlas Controls
    Chapter 12: Atlas Integration with ASP.NET Services
    Chapter 13: Debugging

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