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Видео туториал для изучения технологии AJAX на английском языке.

Тема в разделе "Web Coding", создана пользователем GROB, 12 июл 2007.

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  1. GROB


    28 мар 2006
    Видео туториал для изучения технологии AJAX на английском языке.

    Автор: Steve Holzner
    Длительность: 7 часов / 97 уроков
    Размер: 90.59 MB + 82.78 MB

    Под пиво очень занимательно :ay:

    Welcome (03:22)
    System Requirements (06:36)
    Getting to know Ajax
    Downloading Data Behind the Scenes (03:09)
    Modifying Web Pages on the Fly (05:30)
    Searching in Real Time with Live Searches (03:05)
    Getting the Answer With Autocomplete (03:10)
    Dragging and Dropping HTML Elements With Ajax (05:43)
    Getting Instant Login Feedback (03:31)
    Writing Ajax
    Working With JavaScript in Browsers (04:29)
    Creating an XMLHttpRequest Object in JavaScript (07:48)
    Checking the XMLHttpRequest Object's readyState property (04:19)
    Checking the XMLHttpRequest Object's status property (03:23)
    Getting Your Data With the XMLHttpRequest Object (04:54)
    Problems creating an XMLHttpRequest Object (05:05)
    Fetching Text Data From the Browser (05:23)
    Decoding the Fetched Data (06:10)
    Selecting Relative or Absolute URLs (03:30)
    Getting XMLHttpRequest Objects in Other Ways (05:37)
    Using Server-Side Scripting (05:18)
    Storing Ajax Data in XML (05:59)
    Fetching XML Data From the Server (05:21)
    Extracting Data From XML (06:31)
    Passing Data to the Server with GET (06:21)
    Passing Data to the Server with POST (05:22)
    Getting More Ajax Power
    Determining Which Browser the User Has (06:27)
    Handling Head Requests for More Data (05:12)
    Creating a Live Search Pt.1 (07:28)
    Creating a Live Search Pt.2 (03:41)
    Connecting to Google Suggest (04:24)
    Calling a Different Domain Safely (03:53)
    Using Two XMLHttpRequest objects (05:31)
    Handling Multiple XMLHttpRequest Requests (04:17)
    Returning JavaScript Objects From the Server (05:22)
    Creating Ajax Applications
    Downloading Images Using Ajax (04:38)
    Creating a Shopping Cart (02:31)
    Handling Mouse Events (05:48)
    Enabling Dragging (05:48)
    Handling Drops (04:04)
    Communicating With the Shopping Cart on the Server (03:05)
    Creating an Ajax-driven Drop-down Menu System (05:57)
    Downloading Data with Drop-down Menu System (03:00)
    Displaying a Menu with a Drop-down Menu System (04:27)
    Exploring The Browser-Side Ajax Frameworks
    Introducing Ajax Frameworks (01:58)
    Creating Ajax With libXmlRequest (06:04)
    Creating Ajax With AjaxLib (05:01)
    Creating Ajax With XHConn (04:30)
    Creating Ajax With Sack (04:41)
    Creating Ajax With Interactive Website Framework (03:09)
    Creating Ajax With Sarissa (05:16)
    Exploring the Server-Side Ajax Frameworks
    Creating Ajax With PHP and Sajax Pt.1 (04:04)
    Creating Ajax With PHP and Sajax Pt.2 (04:33)
    Creating Ajax With PHP and Xajax (05:03)
    Using XML With Ajax
    Understanding XML (05:03)
    Loading XML into a Browser Object (04:10)
    Navigating through XML Documents Using JavaScript (06:04)
    Extracting data from text nodes (03:02)
    Handling White Space in Mozilla and Firefox (04:50)
    Accessing Attribute Values in XML Elements (07:01)
    Accessing XML Elements by Name (04:11)
    Validating XML You Get From the Server (06:26)
    Validating XML With a DTD (03:19)
    Using CSS With Ajax in Web Pages
    Introducing CSS (03:50)
    Setting Styles (05:57)
    Using an External Style Sheet (03:04)
    Working with Text Styles (05:42)
    Setting Colors and Backgrounds (04:38)
    Getting Newly-displayed Text Noticed (05:52)
    Showing Ajax Results (03:22)
    Hiding Ajax Results (03:44)
    Positioning Elements (03:30)
    Positioning Elements: Absolute Positioning (03:39)
    Positioning Elements: Relative Positioning (03:47)
    Stacking (03:04)
    Using PHP and Ajax
    Using PHP in Web Pages (03:08)
    Understanding Basic PHP Syntax (03:38)
    Working With Variables (05:09)
    Working With Operators (04:54)
    Working With Strings (05:48)
    Working With Arrays (04:47)
    Making Choices With the if Statement (02:08)
    Using the switch Statement (04:03)
    Using for Loops in PHP (03:58)
    Using while Loops in PHP (02:24)
    Sending Data to the Server (05:44)
    Extracting Data from Text Fields (03:42)
    Extracting Data from Checkboxes (04:13)
    Extracting Data from Radio Buttons (03:10)
    Extracting Data from Listboxes (04:29)
    Uploading Files (03:21)
    Reading Uploaded Files (04:32)
    Redirecting the Browser (02:58)
    Doing It Right: Ajax Best Practices
    Handling the Back Button (02:33)
    Remember - Google Can't See Your Ajax Content (01:53)
    Watching Out for Browser Caching (03:50)
    Giving Visual Cues (02:42)
    Wrap-up (03:20)
    About the Author (00:40)

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    17 фев 2007
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