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Публиковать (для всех) нуленые версии, особенно от modulesgarden КАТЕГОРИЧЕСКИ не стоит. Тема мониторится оным разработчиком, а к нам приходят абузы которые нельзя игнорировать.
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  1. Udjen

    Udjen Постоялец

    21 авг 2010
    When you are looking for dating software to power your dating site or social network you ought to find out what SkaDate has to offer. Why? Because SkaDate is different from other online dating scripts and community software on the net. How is SkaDate different from other dating scripts and community software? Unlike most dating software and freeware solutions offered in the market, SkaDate is professionally developed, stable, secure and user-friendly. SkaDate dating site software can boast all the most popular social networking and dating features that make your site a great place for matchmaking, multi-way communication and simply having fun.

    SkaDate is a full-fledged dating and community software solution for building professional Dating and Social Networking web sites.

    If you aim at launching a web dating or social network that would stand in a row with AdultFriendFinder, eHarmony,, Shaadi, MySpace, FaceBook, Bebo, Friendster, Cyworld, hi5, Orkut, LinkedIn - SkaDate Community and Dating Software would be the best platform to power up your project.

    Dating software, dating script, social network software, matchmaking software, personals script, dating site software, community software and dating site solution - names are many, but there is only one product that brings you the best of online dating industry trends.

    SkaDate is PHP/MySQL/Ajax powered dating script with object oriented programming approach in development.


    Detection Mechanisms, Backdoors:

    Skadate Attacking ^_^

    I found this code on the web , but after small test i found a Create_function what is not nice realy...

    Go to \admin\inc\fnc.auth.php 172

    And Find :
    0vdXBkYXRlcy8/JHMiLCAiciIpOyBmcmVhZCgkaCwgNTEyKTsgZmNsb3NlKCRoKT s=
    What u can translate like :
    $s = PACKAGE_VERSION.";".PACKAGE_VERSION.";".URL_HOME; $h = fopen("XXXP://$s", "r"); fread($h, 512); fclose($h);
    And :
    What is :

    OMG LOL :
    define('SKALFA_MAIN_FEED', 'XXXP://');
    define('SKADATE_SPOTLIGHT_SIZE', 'XXXP://');
    define('SKADATE_SPOTLIGHT_FEED', 'XXXP://');

    So after all, it can be used without any problems!
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