[Кодинг] Professional Parallel Programming with C#: Master Parallel Extensions with .NET 4

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    Year: 2010
    Author: Gaston Hillar
    Publisher: Wrox
    Series: Programmer to programmer
    ISBN: 0470495995, 978-0470495995
    Language: English
    Format: PDF
    Pages: 577

    As PC processors explode from one or two to now eight processors, there is an urgent need for programmers to master concurrent programming. This book dives deep into the latest technologies available to programmers for creating professional parallel applications using C#, .NET 4, and Visual Studio 2010. The book covers task-based programming, coordination data structures, PLINQ, thread pools, asynchronous programming model, and more. It also teaches other parallel programming techniques, such as SIMD and vectorization.
    Teaches programmers professional-level, task-based, parallel programming with C#, .NET 4, and Visual Studio 2010
    Covers concurrent collections, coordinated data structures, PLINQ, thread pools, asynchronous programming model, Visual Studio 2010 debugging, and parallel testing and tuning
    Explores vectorization, SIMD instructions, and additional parallel libraries
    Master the tools and technology you need to develop thread-safe concurrent applications for multi-core systems, with Professional Parallel Programming with C#.
    From the Back Cover
    Gain a solid understanding of parallel programming with C# 4, Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET 4 Framework
    Are you maximizing the processing power in your multi-core computer systems? With this resource, you discover how to do exactly that, while gaining insight into concurrent programming with tasks to create professional parallel applications using C# 4, .Net 4, and Visual Studio 2010. You learn other parallel programming techniques, including modern single instruction, multiple data instructions and vectorization. Plus, you explore the possibilities offered by modern parallel libraries and advanced Intel tools with C#. Use the new lightweight coordination structures to tackle the most complex concurrent programming problems and develop your own customized solutions.
    Professional Parallel Programming with C#:
    Focuses on creating scalable and reliable parallelized designs targeting the new Task Parallel Library and .NET 4
    Walks you through imperative data parallelism, imperative task parallelism, concurrent collections, and coordination data structures
    Describes advanced declarative data parallelism with PLINQ
    Describes how to debug anonymous methods, tasks, and threads by using the new Visual Studio® 2010 parallel debugging features
    Demonstrates how to partition data sources to load-balance the workload among diverse tasks and threads.