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  1. dezendcode

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    8 июн 2006
    E-Uploader pro is the most advance and comprehensive upload script ever created.
    With e-uploader pro you can upload any file of any size without the use of ftp. Everything is managed by the admin panel.
    With our file browser you can view files and images and also zip entire folders and download them. Our admin panel has hundreds of feature which includes features like image watermark (which will add a watermark for all uploaded images) and other useful features such as bandwidth restriction, bandwidth usage, folder size and deposit size pie to name a few. The script is fully customizable with skin support. The next version of e-uploader pro will feature a progress bar and all current license holders will get a free upgrade.


    • Image Watermark and stamp
    • Script inclludes file browser, upload form and admin panel
    • Zip entire folders (with option to download) and view zip contents in file browser
    • bandwidth usage and restriction
    • image thumbnails
    • deposit size pie
    • folder size
    • File filters
    • email confirmation
    • script skinning support
    • easy to follow installation instructions
    • The admin and upload form and public browser is in 7 languages including English, Spanish, French. German, Italian and Portuguese.
    • Lifetime support
    • Customized templates and installation with a competetive pricing
    Download :
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