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  1. efedrin

    efedrin ЖідоБіндерівець

    18 июл 2006
    FAQs Manager, DMX Ready Scripts

    Easily Manage Your Online FAQs
    DMXReady FAQ Manager allows you to quickly and easily manage and update your FAQ section:

    * Once installed, anyone with basic Internet skills can add/edit/delete FAQs through any Internet connection
    * Add questions and answers in seconds, and save for instant updating
    * Fully searchable by date, category, keyword
    * Fully customizable - change it to match your website design
    * Supply related links like knowledge bases, maps, external URLs
    * Activate or deactivate links as necessary

    DMXReady FAQ Manager allows anyone in the office to update the FAQ section -- no expensive IT services required..

    Content Management Made Easy with DMXReady
    DMXReady brings the power of content management directly into your hands. Applications like Document Library Manager allow you to quickly update your own website through any web browser – in your office or on the road. And all applications are 100% customizable using Dreamweaver or any other HTML editor so that they blend in seamlessly with your website. If you can use the Internet and write an e-mail, you can use DMXReady applications.

    Take control of your own web content today with DMXReady!

  2. ArtemZ

    ArtemZ Прохожие

    Внимание! Эта штука на ASP. Думал что то действительно сильное...оказалось 46 килобайт. Поставил. Если честно не очень впечатлило, особенно в плане удобности интерфейса. Может кто-нибудь подскажет действительно "сильную" систему FAQ?
  3. TeamCore

    TeamCore Создатель

    3 дек 2006
    Если на php, то нашёл только вот это Перейти по ссылке
    ArtemZ, а Вы ничего не нашли? То же интересует скрипт нормального FAQ
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