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    4 июн 2007
    Discover The Formula
    To Write Your Own E-Book
    In Exactly 24 Hours
    (Even If You Can't Write!)
    I hate to admit it, but I wasn't always a success story. I was a regular 9-to-5 employee, doing computer programming at a soul-sucking corporate job. I always hated working for others and dreamed of working for myself, but it took me over 5 years to go from a wanna-be to a doer.

    I first discovered the infoproduct business model in 1997. But it wasn't until June 2002 when I started writing my first e-book.

    Why? Because I thought I coudn't write, that writing was too painful, that I could never pull it off... and a million other excuses.

    Until one day I got REALLY MAD at my boss. He really got to me that one time and I decided that I've had it with the corporate life. I literally forced myself to write my first e-book.

    After that, the rest is history. I put my e-book online and started selling it. I quit my dreaded full-time corporate job in October 2002 to work on my Internet business full-time and never looked back. I've been self-employed ever since.


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