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  1. smiler


    7 ноя 2006

    Хотите зарабатывать, ни фига не делая? Тогда мы идем к вам! :)
    Представляю вашему вниманию навороченный скрипт паркинга доменов. Стоит 99$. Но тру-нулледовцы не привыкли платить буржуям.
    Количество фич просто поражает.
    Возможности скрипта (на английском языке:(
    Would you like to create hundreds of pages for each of your parked domains, spending only minutes for each domain, where each page is fully indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing, ranks well, and is filled with any ads you desire? D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script does all that and much more.

    Put ANY Advertising
    The script has 3 main advertising schemes built in as standard and a module to put ANY other advertising
    Google Adsense - Contextual and Search Ads
    Amazon Affiliates
    eBay Partner Network
    To start earning domain parking revenue from any of the above schemes you must first have an account with the respective scheme. Once you have an account you can then simply enter your account ID number or pub-code into the script to start earning right away. You will keep 100% of the revenue that the advertiser pays you!
    Our script also allows you to put custom html code, so you can make money through domain name parking by using any pay per click scheme, banner exchange, affiliate network or other means of income.

    Park Unlimited Domains
    Park all your domains on one host and the script will control which content is shown for each.
    Unlimited License - Use it on unlimited hosts and unlimited domains (one user or business only, unlimited license only applies to the Gold and Platinum versions).

    Auto-Pilot Money Making
    The script can generate content automatically; all that is required is that you enter a few keywords. The script will then generate relevant content from RSS feeds and advertising sources based upon your keyword choices.
    If you choose to do so the script has a 'Drag n Drop' Page Creator by which you can customize the layout of all pages.

    Create Unlimited Pages For Each Domain
    D-Park Pro has a very unique feature: it allows you to create unlimited pages for each domain in just a few clicks.
    Upload a .txt file that contains all your page names and the script will create them all in under 2 seconds, even if you are creating more than 100 pages at once.
    Don't want to upload a file? Simply go to the Wizard section and type all of the page names for a given domain, separated by commas, and the script will create them all at once.
    All the pages you create can quickly be customized through Page Creator.
    Drag n Drop Page Creator
    You can use the Drag n Drop Page Creator to completely customize all of your domain parking pages for each domain. Once you have chosen which elements (modules) to use you can then drag and drop them into place.
    Gives complete control over the look and feel of the parking pages and content. No programming experience needed.

    3 Layout Styles - Over 30 Themes
    The package contains 3 layout styles: Classic, Clean, and Modern.
    Each layout style has many themes to choose from, in total there are more than 30 themes.
    All themes are completely customizable via an easy to use interface, colors can be changed and images can be uploaded.
    Future updates to the script will include theme and layout add-on packs.
    Style your domain parking pages.

    Custom Keywords
    After entering your keywords into the script, it will automatically generate content relevant to your choices, using advertising and RSS feeds.
    The keyword you enter will automatically go into all the relevant places to ensure top search engine rankings (title of the page, meta description, H1 tags, meta keywords, copyright text block, RSS feeds, eBay feeds).
    Your domains will update daily on auto-pilot through RSS feeds and will show advertising very relevant to your domains.
    Your Own Contact Page
    Contact page allows visitors, potential advertisers or people interested in your domain to contact you through a form. An integrated captcha box prevents spam.

    Powerful Statistics
    The script is fully compatible with Google Analytics. Simply enter your Google Analytics ID to start receiving data on your parking pages.

    Super Easy Setup
    Simply upload the entire script package and go through brief installation instructions. Once installed, go to your web host and navigate to your domain name to get started. Installation takes 5 minutes on average.
    After logging in to the admin panel simply enter a few details, such as the site title and keywords. Next enter your advertising account details and you are ready to go.
    If you choose to further customize the content of your parking pages the setup Wizard will guide you through the process step by step.
    All you need to use D-Park Pro is a hosting account with PHP 5 and cPanel or Plesk. You can use any shared hosting, as well as any VPS or dedicated hosting.
    One hosting account and one simple D-Park Pro installation supports UNLIMITED domains

    Tons of Page Elements (Modules)
    Top And Bottom Menu Bars
    Google Adsense Content Ads
    Google Adsense Search Box
    Full Google Adsense Color controls - customize your Google Ads exactly as you want by changing colors of background, border, text, link, URL)
    eBay Partner Network Feed
    Amazon Affiliate Feed
    eBay RSS feed or eBay Store Feed
    Auto-Updating RSS Feeds that generate fresh, daily content relevant to your domains
    Sponsor Links
    Embed videos
    Insert Custom Images
    Keyword List (which are also links to virtual pages)
    Search History List- Saved from visitor searches using the search box, this list is customizable. (also links to virtual pages)
    Custom Text Module
    Custom HTML Module which you can name, save and use on any domains
    TAG Cloud
    With our custom HTML module you can insert anything! You'll be able to create not just plain domain parking pages, but real mini-websites with real content. The best part is that you keep 100% of the income you make from ads.

    Domain Parking Pages On The Fly
    • The script has the power to create relevant parking pages on the fly. For example yourdomain.com/cars would instantly create a relevant parking page related to the keyword "cars".
    • You can use the settings page to create menus with links to virtual pages of your choosing. What's more the links are search engine follow-able.
    • The search box also supports this feature.... If a visitor is to use the search box they will be directed to a page instantly created related to their search term.
    • Visitor searches can be recorded and displayed on the parking pages as links to virtual pages.

    Domain Marketing: Silent Domain Auction Script Module
    • If you choose to mark a domain for sale, a 'Buy This Domain' link will be shown on all pages.
    • This feature allows you to instantly put all of your domains for sale with a couple of clicks.
    • Provides visitors with a secure interface through which they can contact you with offers for your domains.
    • Offers are stored in the admin area for future reference.
    • You can choose to display offers publicly or to hide them.

    Bad Words Filter
    Should there be content that you do not wish to show on your pages, you can specify 'Bad Words' which will filter out content related to the bad words you specify.

    Administration Features
    • Forget Password Feature - just in case
    • Change Password
    • Manage Email Addresses - for use with contact page and receiving domain offers.
    • The admin area is secured using safe encryption methods to protect your parking pages from any malicious activity.
    • Easy Domain Parking Admin

    Unmatched Support
    • Live Support 12 hours a day, every day.
    • Fast email response - within minutes and hours, not days.
    • FREE script installation if you are having trouble installing.
    • Domain Parking Support.
    • FREE lifetime updates.

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    P.S. Человек, юзающий этот скрипта советует перед использованием скрипта вешать на несколько недель заглушку "Сайт на реконструкции".

    Осталось только написать скриптец, который бы чекал дропнутые домены на приличный Алекса рейтинг ;)
  2. farang

    farang Постоялец

    30 авг 2006
    а есть еще подобные скрипты.
    geco parking
    domain trader
  3. olllg


    17 фев 2007
    Выдает ошибка или удален файл
    перезалей пожалуйста.
  4. smiler


    7 ноя 2006
    olllg нравится это.
  5. LIFE!


    26 окт 2008
    Титл главной страницы на русском коряво отображаются,да и русские символы втч(буржуи!)


    Как побороть напасть ?
  6. smiler


    7 ноя 2006
    akigleo нравится это.
  7. akigleo


    7 фев 2010
    Если я верно понял, то для случая когда много доменов без сайтов можно массово повесить на домены рекламные сети?
    Вопрос только в том, а не окажется ли домен в бане того же Яндекса, как не несущий смысловой нагрузки? Какой потенциальный выхлоп, если такой скрипт повесить на ряд дропов с каким-то минимальным трафиком по-старой памяти?
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