Mint 2.1 with Official and 3rd Party Peppers

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  1. avp


    20 апр 2006
    S T i L E   P R O U D L Y   P R E S E N T S            
    ║                     ›› RELEASE iNFORMATiON ‹‹                     ║
    ║ SCRiPT NAME  : Mint - including all Peppers, Plug-ins and Widgets
    ║ VERSiON      : 2.1.0
    ║ DEVELOPER    : Shaun Inman
    ║ WEBSiTE      :
    ║ RELEASE DATE : 06-09-07
    ║ FORMAT       : PHP/MySQL
    ║ OS Support   : Unix/Linux
    ║ PROTECTiON   : Removed
    ║ Demo         :
    ║                          ›› DESCRiPTiON ‹‹                        ║
      Mint is an extensible web site analytics program. Its interface is
      an exercise in simplicity. Visits, referrers, popular pages and
      searches can all be taken in at a glance on Mint's flexible dashboard.
      * Visits breaks down site activity from the past day, week, month and
        year as total page views and unique visitors.
      * Referrers are broken down by newest unique, most recent and repeat
        referrers as well as grouped by domain.
      * Searches filters out referrals from popular search engines which can
        then be grouped as web or image search results.
      * Pages illuminates your most popular and most recently accessed content
        and allows you to flag or watch individual pages for later review.
      * Bird Feeder reveals feed subscription patterns for the past week,
        month and year as well as click-through from individual feed items.
      * User Agent 007 scopes out browser families and versions, platforms,
        common resolutions and Flash plugin versions.
      * Real Estate can help to plot out a target, above-the-fold design size
        based on your audience’s common browser window width and height.
      * Painless Panes Mint’s compact, easy-to-digest interface adapts to the
        size of your browser window and the number of installed Pepper.
      * Easy-to-install because designing, building and maintaining a website
        is hard enough.
      Official Peppers Included:
      * Backup/Restore 2.01
      * Bird Feeder v2.03
      * Debugger v0.04
      * Default Pepper v2.05
      * Doorbell v0.03
      * Localsearches v2.02
      * Real Estate v2.00
      * Refresh v2.00
      * Secret Crush v2.08
      * User Agent 007 v2.03
    3rd Party Peppers Included:
      * Blog Comments v2.03
      * Download Counter v1.30
      * Downloads v1.03
      * Error Tracker v1.06
      * Feedback v1.00
      * Feedburner v1.03
      * GeoMint v0.55
      * Growl v1.10
      * Link Spice v2.00
      * Locations v2.24
      * Nametags v0.32
      * Notification v1.0
      * Parsel v1.02
      * Prank 1.03
      * Quicktime Check v1.40
      * Trends v3.06
      Widgets Included:
      * Junior Mint Widget v2.00 (For Mac's)
      * Minty Widget v1.03 (For Yahoo! Widget Engine)
      * Vista Mint v1.00 (for Vista's "gadget" Engine.)
      3rd Party Plugins Included:
      * Bird Feeder WordPress Plugin v2.00 (Comment feeds currently not supported)
      * Clearmint v1.00
      * Clearmint Ice v1.02
      * Massive Blue Style v1.02
      * Mint Popular Posts v0.95 (For Wordpress)
      * Pepper Mint Style v1.02
      * Tufte Mint Style v1.02
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    24 июл 2007
    Where is

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