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  1. nostrand

    nostrand Постоялец

    23 сен 2006
    Entertainment Media Sharing Script is a fully developed state-of-the-art CMS website script that clones the concept of the famous youtube.com. How it works is that people upload to your server and share their original media with their friend or people worldwide. Their friend then visit your website to see the media.

    More Info And Live Demo Here Code:Перейти по ссылке

    Download[ES] Code:Перейти по ссылке
    Download[RS] Code:Перейти по ссылке


    Please test before use !!! Istochnik NULL neizvesten.
  2. handaehan

    handaehan Создатель

    30 окт 2007
    Нулл от SCRIPT MAFIA.
    Работает с небольшими косяками
    На стучалки не проверял.

  3. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel gorodbox

    5 апр 2006
    Демо ее я так понял мертвое что и здесь что и в интернете, вот что вытянул

    Additional Features:
    * Viral marketing friendly:
    ---- Tell a friend section
    ---- Embedded social bookmarking icons
    ---- Embedding code that shows only icons on host site (except for the pictures) with a link to your site for full visualization of the media. This also saves you bandwidth
    ---- People can rate an item without being a member, however once they click a rating they have to fill the registration form in order for their rating to count, hence more members!
    * 100% original custom coding, easily expandable modular design
    * Media features:
    ---- auto image resizing for pictures section to fit in the page
    ---- auto icon usage if no custom icon is uploaded: original images for pictures section and default icons for the other sections
    * Hotties section features:
    ---- 18 years old confirmation page
    ---- using a separate list of ads files so you can use adult ads instead of 'cleaner' ads
    * Registration available for people of 18 years of age. If users are logged in they will skip the 18 yo check for hotties section
    * Members can:
    ---- upload media
    ---- rate media
    ---- add/remove media to/from favorites, for easier later viewing
    ---- leave comments on any of the media
    * All visitors can:
    ---- view the media and comments
    ---- tell a friend about a page
    ---- embed content in own pages/myspace with minimum bandwidth usage for the main site (embed only icons for videos) and with advertising link
    * Admin features:
    ---- add/upload media (including embeded codes)
    ---- list/edit/delete media
    ---- list/delete users
    ---- list/delete comments
    ---- edit welcome box/code – also usable for promoting various stuff
    ---- one-click sitemap generator (Google friendly sitemap)
    ---- automatic RSS feed (10 newest items) on each update of the media database. The feed is Wordpress compatible, you can use it to promote it like a blog. 
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