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    StomperNet - SEO Series with Dan Thies & Leslie Rhodes

    Since StomperNet consists of so many faculties and topics to learn from, i will be uploading the items in terms of their various topics to cater to the varied interests of TV.bz members.

    The third faculty uploaded is about SEO:

    Dan Thies - Link Clinic SEO Videos
    # Link Building Concepts & How Search Engines See Links
    In our first session, we'll take a high speed run through the world of link analysis, examining the different types of links and how search engines see them and the web as a whole. We'll look at different link analysis algorithms, from Google's PageRank to new and coming developments like Spam Mass, TrustRank, topic-sensitive PageRank, communities, and latent semantic indexing (LSI). We'll also consider how search engines can use historical data and web graph analysis to sniff out link farms, paid links, and various 2-party and multi-party link exchange schemes.

    # Planning & Budgeting For Linking Campaigns
    Planning Cycles, Keyword Research & SEO Process, the SEO Research Labs Matrix Ranking System, Mapping Keywords to Content, Measuring & Analyzing Competition; Inventory of Natural Assets; New Assets: Link Targets, Content, Buzz; Bottom Line - How Many Links?

    # Demonstration & Practice: Research Tools & Techniques
    Breaking Down SERPs; Analyzing Competitor's Links w/ Backlink Analyzer & SEO Elite; Finding Hubs & Authorities w/ Hub Finder; Finding Content Sites w/ Adwords; Finding Content Sites w/ Search Engines; Article Promotions w/ Article Submitter Pro & Announcement Lists; Press Release Creation & Distribution w/ PRWeb

    # Optimizing Site Structure: From The Web To The Target Page
    PageRank & Link Analysis Review; Distance From Web; Resolving Indexing Issues; Internal Linking; Page Reputation; Conversion Funnels vs. PageRank Funnels; Mapping Out General, Topical, & Keyword Links

    # Planning & Executing Directory & Resource List Campaigns
    Paid vs. PPC vs. Free vs. Reciprocal; Quality: Edited vs. Rubber Stamped; Major Paid Directories: Business.com, MSN BCentral, Yahoo; Secondary Directories: BOTW, DMOZ, Gimpsy, GoGuides, JoeAnt, Skaffe, Wow; Vertical Directories & Vortal Hunting; Creating A Directory; Exchanging & Upgrading Links; Preparing & Managing Submissions - Categories, Titles, Descriptions, Follow-Up; Directory Tracking Worksheet

    # Content Distribution: Natural Promotion For Quality Links
    Content Distribution Pyramid; Understanding RSS; Forums & Discussion Lists; Blogs & Blogging; Press Releases & Public Relations; Articles & Editorial; Plug-In Content: Information, Applications, Tools; The Value of Following Up; Profitable Promotion Campaigns

    # Affiliate Programs & The Technical Side of Links
    What Is A Link Anyway?; Understanding Redirects; Robots.txt, .htaccess, and nofollow; Link Recovery; Monitoring 404s; Mapping & Implementing Redirects; Understanding Affiliate Tracking Systems; Natural & Unnatural Affiliate Links; The Perfect Affiliate Program; Adjusting The External Profile; RSS For Affiliates

    Leslie "The Dark OverLord" Rohde - SEO Videos
    # SEO 030 – Curriculum Orientation
    This is a new member orientation and video walkthrough of the StomperNet SEO curricullum presented as three MindMaps. Shown are course numbers and their relationship to topics within the SEO courseware. The printed form of the MindMap also serves as a navigational and course selection tool for members.

    # SEO 301 – Site Design
    It's not just what site you set up that determines your page rank...it's how you set it up. In this video, Lord Rohde talks you through what site design factors can impact your site's SEO. Identified are the 4 primary site design factors effecting SEO organized in 5 recommended levels of development. Use this course to decide where your site development is now, and what to do next in SEO, as well as what to do first in building a brand new site.

    # SEO 330 Techniques for Non-Spiderable Navigation
    This video teaches the five different forms of navigation that can be used in your site that are not accessible to search engine spiders. These range from the simplest and most common rel="nofollow" links to the use of frames. This video introduces how to code these different techniques and discusses in general terms how they might be used. It also introduces the very strange treatment of iframes. This lesson provides the technical foundation required to understand and apply the linking techniques detailed in later lessons in the SEO33x series.

    # SEO 350 Introduction to Site Linking Structures for SEO
    This introductory video will help you navigate his upcoming SEO35x series. In it, he scribbles his way through a full slide show called "Introduction to Site Linking Structures for SEO." The video gives the reasons and methods for optimizing on-site linking structures for SEO and introduces the notations used in subsequent videos in this series. It is a prerequisite for subsequent videos in the 35x series.

    # SEO 351
    The five "atomic units" of linking structure that are used in all of the recommended site and network structures are shown and their method of operation explained. This is a foundation for understanding the full site and network structures described in subsequent courses.

    # SEO 352
    Shown and analyzed are the three primary variations of the 3 tier stacked pyramid site structure along with how the structures are applied for SEO.

    # SEO 353
    This course illustrates the use of 4 tier site structures built from stacked pyramids. These will be useful for larger sites or deeper topic hierarchies not appropriate to a 3 tier structure.

    # The Home Link Solution

    # The First Half of Linking

    # 12 FireFox SEO Tricks
    This 44 minute seminar demonstrates 12 SEO tricks-of-the-trade that you can only do with the Firefox browser. We start with a brief review of how to install Firefox and Firefox extensions and then quickly dive into each SEO trick, including simple tasks such as looking up whois data and highlighting nofollow links; intermediate tricks such as viewing pages with "spider eyes" and ending with some truly advanced techniques for recognizing Smart Pages, redirects, and Frame Busters.

    Most of this seminar is intended for basic to intermediate use, but be advised that the final techniques are definitely written to an advanced level but no matter what your experience level or business goals, Firefox has something for everyone!

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