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    13 ноя 2009
    50 Kick Ass Keyword Strategies
    Learn 50 Simple, Smart and Speedy Ways to Attract More Customers Online

    Forget Boring Keyword Research Articles and Tedious "How-Tos". We've Cut Out the Fluff and Given You Powerful, Practical Ways to Rake In More Business—and More Profits—from Your Website.

    Nowadays, there seems to be no end to the avalanche of information on keyword research. Rambling articles, confusing tutorials, and entire websites, all claiming to hold the secrets to winning at the SEO game. But who has the time to pore through endless resources, looking for the key to online marketing riches?

    This started our wheels turning, and we at Wordtracker asked ourselves: "What if we created a simple, readable book that got people buzzing with fresh keyword ideas…ideas they could start using right away to improve their business?"

    So we teamed up with a world-renowned SEO guru

    For help in creating this book Wordtracker turned to one of the smartest SEOs on the planet, Aaron Wall. We asked him to create a compact guide, one packed with pointed, practical tips that focus on what today's online marketers care about most: getting real PROFIT from keywords. And, knowing how busy people are, we insisted that Aaron cut out the fluff and get to the meat of what you really need to know.
    The result is the most powerful e-book you'll read all year

    In the extraordinary new e-book, 50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies, you'll learn how to use keywords as you've never used them before. We'll show you clever, little-known strategies for getting more valuable website visitors, outwitting your competitors, and impressing your clients with surefire ways to skyrocket their website traffic.
    Here's a sneak peek at what's inside:

    - In 50 Kick-Ass Keyword Strategies, you'll discover insights such as:
    - How to reach beyond the obvious keywords to discover terms and phrases with untapped commercial value.
    - How to use keywords in your page titles, meta descriptions and headings to create well-balanced copy that thrills the search engines.
    - How getting rid of words like free and discount can boost your conversion rates and get you better customers.
    - How mining your analytics data can be the key to uncovering valuable, low-competition keywords that bring in valuable streams of traffic.
    - How to easily get a second page ranking in Google that can double your traffic for related keywords.
    - Which research tools you should be using to create a website that blows your competitors away.
    - How your site's search box is the key to finding profitable new keywords and content ideas as well as ideas for new products to add to your website.
    - How answering your consumers' common questions online can help you improve your business image – and bring in more search traffic than you ever thought possible.
    ...and so much more!

    Listen, it's not just the right keywords that guarantee your online success – but how you use them. Simply put, most marketers tend to blindly follow the same, tired research path that everybody else follows. As a result, they miss out on all of the traffic and profits that some clever keyword thinking could bring them.

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