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    13 ноя 2009
    Lynda.com - SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started (NEWBIE'S MUST HAVE!!!)

    Author: Jill Whalen | Released: 3/31/2010 | Duration: 2:20

    In SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started, author Jill Whalen explains the importance of site rankings and why search engine optimization is necessary for increasing web site traffic. The course covers choosing the best keywords, performing keyword research, augmenting keywords with search-friendly site architecture, creating social media networking strategies, and measuring the success of an SEO campaign.

    Table of contents:
    Welcome 1:04
    Using the exercise files 0:29

    1. Getting Started on an SEO Program
    Understanding how search engines work 3:50
    What is SEO? 2:30

    2. Keyword Phrases: The Cornerstone of an SEO Program
    Introducing keyword phrases 1:21
    The keyword research process 4:42
    Performing keyword research 4:43
    Winnowing out ineffective keyword phrases 1:58
    Performing additional keyword research 2:44
    Determining competitiveness of keyword phrases 5:52
    Finding keyword gems 3:53

    3. Creating a Search-Friendly Site Architecture
    What site architecture means to SEO 2:01
    Brainstorming main categories and subcategories for the web site 4:04
    Creating a keyword phrase-to-page map 3:33
    Using keywords in domain names and URLs 3:11

    4. SEO in HTML Tags
    SEO in HTML tags 1:57
    Title tags 1:56
    Meta descriptions 1:33
    Header tags 1:12
    Anchor text 1:43
    Alt tags 1:36
    Writing effective title tags 4:42
    Writing meta-description tags 3:31

    5. Writing Effective Web Site Content
    What good content is and why it's needed 1:27
    The different types of content pages 3:47
    Using keywords in existing content 1:53
    Writing new content for users and search engines 4:37

    6. Link Popularity and PageRank
    Understanding link popularity and why it's important 2:43
    Introducing Google's PageRank 2:38
    Knowing the best way to get links 3:12
    Content creation and promotion as "link bait" 3:34
    Real-world link bait ideas 4:30

    7. Social Media Marketing and How It Works with SEO
    Introducing social media marketing 4:03
    Getting started with social media marketing 2:25
    Participating in social media communities 5:39

    8. Measuring Your Success
    Why rankings are a poor measure of success 3:13
    Determining conversions and setting up goals in Google Analytics 5:54
    Measuring search engine traffic 11:05
    Measuring success beyond the search engines 6:36

    9. Overall SEO Strategy
    Reviewing top techniques for SEO success 1:58
    Additional resources 4:19
    The future of SEO 3:02

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  2. BadMotherFucker

    BadMotherFucker Модератор (Core Team)

    13 ноя 2009
    Lynda.com - Search Engine Optimization (2006)

    Старая версия этого курса, вдруг кому-нибудь пригодится...

    Lynda.com - Search Engine Optimization (2006)

    Author: Richard John Jenkins | Released: 7/28/2006 | Duration: 9:02

    If you're out of sight on the Web, says Search Engine Optimization specialist Richard John Jenkins, you're out of mind. Braving the wilds of search engine myths and facts, Richard offers essential tips on how to appear at the top of search results in Yahoo!, Google, and other popular search engines. From purchasing placement to optimizing keyword variations, from avoiding "black hat" SEO practices to setting up a search-friendly site, Richard covers it all. He also shares how to best submit your Web pages for indexing, how to monitor page rank, and how to build a solid base of links to your site. A must-watch video tutorial for experienced website publishers and for those just getting into the Web game.

    Topics include:
    Search engine optimization (SEO) vs. search engine marketing (SEM)
    Getting to know your searchers
    Crawler-based search engines
    Keywording to rank high in searches
    Keyword combinations, variations, and stop words
    Setting up a site the wrong way: what to avoid
    Creating a search-friendly site
    Submitting websites for search engine indexing
    Building link relationships

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    5 сен 2010
    Хотелось уточнить актуальность линды на сегодня (после етого выходили обновления поискового робота). И есть ли подобный рускоязычный курс ?
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    16 янв 2011
    отличный курс, lynda как всегда по делу
    особенно хорошо что транскрипт выпускают

    ссылка на торрент
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    А субтитры никто не видел? С английским плоховато.