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  1. Deluxtime

    Deluxtime Постоялец

    26 апр 2007
    Provide real-time customer support and visitor communication directly on your site. With PHP Live Helper you can provide human interaction to visitors allowing you to close a sale , provide customer support or simply answer a question they may have. With no need for extra software, you can provide this from any computer, anywhere.

    Provide Support:
    Customer care is always important, and in some cases it can be the deciding factor for potential customers. With PHP Live Helper you can provide the 1 on 1 support your customers will appreciate. At times when you are not actually in the office to answer calls or even during regular business hours, you can provide live support.

    Increase Sales:
    When dealing in sales human interaction can go a very long way. While browsing your site or products, your visitors may have questions that they need answered before purchasing. With PHP Live Helper, you can answer those questions and your visitors wont have to leave your site or pick up a phone.

    Reduce Costs:
    Some of the major costs of running a business include phone, fax, and staff. With PHP Live Helper, you can use less of these and other high business operation costs.

    Monitor Traffic:
    Many wonder just how effective their web site really is. How much traffic do we actually receive? Is our web site marketing working? With PHP Live Helper, you can see who is on your site, where they are looking or even where they came from.
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