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  1. Sinelnikov


    13 окт 2009
    "Simple Techniques that Will Boost your Traffic and Adsense Earnigs Day By Day"
    Adsense Money - The Ingredients

    Truth is, you only need 3 things when it comes to making money with Adsense:

    1) You need a template with high CTR rate

    As we use Adsense to monetize our traffic, it's only logical that a high CTR will bring in more money. I have asked Traian to build a custom wordpress theme that will go hand in hand with the promotional techniques I use and have a lot of customizable features.

    *** Please refer to "What do I get?" section of the WSO to understand better and a sneak preview of what this theme is all about

    2) You need traffic - and lots of it :)

    It is no shocker that in order to make money with Adsense you need traffic. Adsense has prohibited arbitrage techniques some time ago, so that's out of the question. You need to have organic search engine traffic in order to make this work.

    I am not going to give you spoilers here, but in the main ebook you will find 3 promotional techniques that you can employ to boost your rankings and make Google fall in love with your site. You will learn to leverage other people's hard work and know exactly what will work for you. I know this has been talked about before, however I find it surprising that some of the core details have been left out in every course I've gone through.

    In most cases, when I go after a keyword, I like to take over the second page of google's results. If you have 5 or 6 web 2.0 properties in the second page of results all pointing to your blog post, it's just a matter of time till your blog pops up high in the first page.

    3) You need to work consistently on your website

    Some people focus on sniper sites (both when it comes to Adsense or affiliate sites). Although that works, I find it's a whole lot easier if you shift your mentality a little and think about building a large, authority site.

    In time, you will do less promotional work and focus only on the content. If you done a good job in the past, your content should rank high just because your site has gained a lot of google trust.

    If you can't spare 3-4 hours a day to work on your new site, this will not work.

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