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    13 окт 2009
    Market Motive – Search Engine Optimization Master Certification Program and Search Engine Optimization Tutorials part 1,2,3

    This upload contains the Search Engine Optimization Master Certification Program and all Search Engine Optimization Tutorials posted to the site through the end of May 2010. The videos were broken into multiple pieces on the site so that’s why there are so many flv files. Description below – Enjoy!

    Search Engine Optimization Master Certification Program

    If Search Engine Optimization will be a big part of your job, then this is the right course is for you. You’ll get three months of faculty-led online training, periodic quizzes, real-world projects, peer assessments, and a final faculty review. Pass with the endorsement of the dream team, and receive your Master Certification.

    MORE ABOUT OUR Search Engine Optimization CURRICULUM

    From on-page fundamentals to site architecture to link building and more, Search Engine Optimization Master Certification gives you the tools you’ll need to succeed in the challenging and far-reaching world of Search Engine Optimization. Your all-star instructors will guide you through a comprehensive 90-day curriculum that includes live workshops, projects, peer reviews, and testing.

    Search Engine Optimization FUNDAMENTALS AND BEST PRACTICES
    In this comprehensive Search Engine Optimization overview, Todd Malicoat illustrates all the on-page and off-page information you need to build a fully Search Engine Optimization-optimized website. Whether you’re just starting out and learning Search Engine Optimization concepts, or you’re a seasoned professional looking for a reference guide that covers all the critical checklist items, this is a module you’ll return to again and again.

    You will study:

    How to write page titles that the search engines love.
    The importance of a well-organized website architecture hierarchy.
    How meta Description tags are best utilized in today’s search-based web culture.
    How search engines really view your headers, footers, and navigation elements.
    How to write effective page copy with current best practices in mind.
    Search Engine Optimization DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE: FOUNDATIONS OF QUALITY Search Engine Optimization
    Don’t start building your website before watching this module. As Todd and Matt explain, good site design and architecture is critical not only for your user’s experience, but for your site to rank well. Without good structure, your site will be abandoned by users and ignored by search engines.

    You will study:

    Making your site more accessible and more search friendly.
    Understanding how and where to draw the line between usability and Search Engine Optimization.
    Proper site architecture for large sites, small sites, and blog sites.
    Keyword research and its relationship to site architecture.
    Building an internal architecture that optimizes your chances for ranking well.
    Keyword research remains one of the most important aspects of the search engine optimization process. Understanding your ability to rank for each keyword ensures your website gets in front of the right eyeballs. Learn which tools to use, how to use them, and what to look for in the critical research module.

    You will study:

    Building a solid keyword list for your site.
    How and where to blend long tail and short tail terms into your strategy.
    Analyzing your competition and finding out where they are vulnerable.
    Developing a realistic timeline for competitive term ranking.
    How to use the many tools at your disposal.
    Search Engine Optimization COPYWRITING
    Understanding how search engines see on-page content, title tags and meta descriptions, and how users view your search results is critically important to good rankings, good conversions, and lower bounce rates. Learn from on-page expert Jennifer Laycock as she teaches you how to show the search engines what they want to see in order to rank well for your keywords.

    You will study:

    Optimal keyword sorting strategies to maximize your exposure.
    Writing effective page copy for both search engines and site visitors.
    Writing compelling meta descriptions to bring users to your site from the search results.
    Optimizing your title tags for maximum effectiveness.
    Stragies for building “exact match” phrases without spamming the engines.
    Once your Search Engine Optimization optimization techniques are in place, there’s another important part of the Search Engine Optimization puzzle to be mastered –link-building. The way that search engines see it, the more important the sites are that link to you, the more important your site must be. Therefore, it becomes critically important to understand the delicate art and science of building an effective inbound link strategy.

    You will study:

    The types of links available and which ones to try to get.
    Strategies for requesting links from 3rd party websites.
    The ins and outs of purchasing paid links.
    Engaging the blogging community for links.
    Negotiating for links.
    Local search expert David Mihm joins Todd Malicoat for an in-depth discussion about ranking in local search markets. Learn from their experience and ensure your optimization includes a comprehensive list of techniques to get ranked when people are searching for your services near their own home towns.

    You will study:

    The top 10 local search ranking factors.
    Improving the trust your business has with search engines.
    Optimizing the pages that are most important to search engines.
    Strategies for premium listings in the search engines.
    Staying away from PPC when driving traffic to local search results.
    Cindy Krum of Rank-Mobile guides you through the mobile maze, explaining how to ensure your site looks good on any phone, how to rank well in mobile-specific search engines, and how to engage your customers with mobile marketing campaigns.

    You will study:

    Optimizing specifically for mobile search results.
    The importance of .mobi domain name.
    Building an effective text message campaign.
    Integrating mobile into your marketing mix.
    Building dynamic and hybrid pages to optimize the mobile user experience.
    Search Engine Optimization PROJECT MANAGEMENT
    In-house Search Engine Optimization expert Jessica Bowman takes you through the strategies and techniques to get management, marketing, developers, IT, and designers all on board with your Search Engine Optimization project.

    You will study:

    Learning to be an Search Engine Optimization evangelist.
    Cultivating relationships with all marketing, management, and development teams.
    Getting your Search Engine Optimization projects permanently into the development lifecycle.
    Using your QA teams to your advantage.
    Reporting techniques when delivering Search Engine Optimization results to management.

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