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  1. nostrand

    nostrand Постоялец

    23 сен 2006
    RSS to Blog Solves The 2 Biggest Problems Blogger's Face

    Finding relevant content for their blog posts
    Finding a reliable automated way to make those blog posts

    Then along came RSS. This is what makes the world go round for bloggers. If you don't know what RSS is just yet, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. While RSS is often closely related to blogging, RSS, in a nutshell:

    * Gives instant theme related content to your blog,
    * Indexes your blog and pages faster with new contents being consistently added,
    * Makes your blog posts readable by Search Engines

    And the result:

    * You can now confidently promote your blog with Google Adsense being placed smartly within the posts and pages!
    * With a collection of posts and contents focused on tight, regularly-searched keywords, you can funnel free Search Engine traffic into your blog! And,
    * With your targeted traffic surge increases exponentially at no expense on your part, you can quickly and easily beat the odds and start making affiliate sales off your blog!
    * No writing needed! With this possibility RSS offers, bloggers today do not have to necessarily write a single word of content yet fill their blogs with fresh, unique content every single day!

    If You Have Abandoned Your Blog Because of the Time it Takes To Update it ... RSS to Blog is For You.

    Maybe you have you simply given up on your blog, because you are tired of manually posting to your blog to keep it fresh? If you are anything like me you probably have more than one blog that you post to and realize that keeping them all fresh with new content can be quite a chore!

    Imagine for a minute that you had a tireless assistant that worked hard night and day finding fresh, relevant content for you to post to your blog. Now also imagine that this tireless assistant not only finds this relevant, keyword specific content for you but also posts it to your blog at exactly the times you want it posted ... and they do this day in and day out, until you beg them to stop!

    New features:

    Autopost to blogger was fixed.
    Post to Many Blog Types. Compatible With Word Press 1.5.X, 2.X and up, Blogger Blogs, Movable Type, Type Pad, Live Journal and MSN Spaces.
    One Time Installation for All Of Your Blogs!
    Eliminate footprints that the search engines can use to track you down. Random Posting Times - Make posts at varying times to your blog.
    Randomize the format of your blog posts using our unique template feature!
    Randomize the format of your search and rss results so that they do not always look the same.
    Add your own text example: Add "Read More" to the end of your search or RSS results instead of linking from the titles.
    Post to multiple blogs from one project
    Post to multiple wordpress categories from one project
    MYSQL Database driven for stabiity and flexibilty
    Support foreign characters from RSS and Text Pods sections
    Autolinking with each post
    Make your keyword bold automatically within each post
    Randomize and Schedule your Posts
    Filter RSS feeds for keywords
    Create Unique Titles for your posts
    Cross post multiple text files to the same blog
    Loop posting from text pods
    Categorize your projects
    Post from within a time frame from RSS and News
    Automatic Install for easy script setup and installation! (NO need to worry about script configuration to install RSS to Blog, Our software installs itself on your server, including automatic creation and population of the mysql database, permission changes and cron setup!)

    and many others.

    Although the previous versions didn't need to be nulled, we cannot know when they will include a call back...

    This is protected by codelock, so any good codelock nuller would be nice, just in case...

    :p :p :p
    Mirror 1:
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    Mirror 2:
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    Xp10r3r нравится это.
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  3. stability

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    кто-то пробовал его в работе?
    насколько оно толковее волшебника?
  4. DanielR

    DanielR Писатель

    25 дек 2007
    Version 4.5 doesn't work on blogger. Anyone having a version of rss2blog that works on the new blogger ?

    I tested successfully rss2blog 4.5 on wordpress and livejournal, on blogger it doesn't work...
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