[На английском] Tukanas Hits Generator (N2KMaster Style!)

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    1 мар 2010
    Wanna boost your alexa rating? No, seriously? This little tool is the shiz niz if you ask me.
    I've tried those fake hits generators scripts, i notice a lot of servers wont run em. So i went looking for a tool, I came across this, most people were flaming it out. Problem is most people don't know and they dont say that every last proxy in it is junk. So in N2KMaster Style! (clever eh) I fixed this problem and portabalized the app. Ive sent this out to a lot of people so far, figured what the heck maybe a few here might wanna boost their alexa rating quickly, easily and free.

    Now theres another flame out on this product and its due to people trying to click their own ads with it, IT WILL NOT EARN YOU MONEY, PERIOD, its not meant to do that and most advertising companies already have this banned and blocked. So if you choose to try this method, i dont recommend it and will not endorse it.

    Proxy List has been updated as of March 2010, keep in mind you may have to add more to it, its a simple text file and proxies are easy to find.

    Comes with referrers built in, update 2010, its already set to the prime numbers for generating hits, so leave it be when you open the zip file. All you have to do is run the app inside, cuz I'm a lazy man and i like lazy things, its already presetup, clean, portable (good for usb), and another quality N2KMaster Release.

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