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  1. zavrus


    29 май 2009
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    Virtuemart JCarousel Product Scroller $19.99
    The Virtuemart Carousel Scroller Module is the best way to display selected products for your Virtuemart store. Native to Joomla 1.5, the scroller has the following features:
    1. Will not conflict with other Javascripts. The JQuery coding method eliminates conflicts for a smooth implementation.
    2. Super easy to customize! The scroller uses pure CSS for look and feel. The CSS is self-contained and easy to modify. We can even help guide you in our forum towards getting the perfect look to match your design. Like the way the scroller looks out-of-the-box? Then no problem - install it and use as it is delivered. Whether you are a novice at Joomla or a seasoned developer, this category scroller is the perfect addition to a Virtuemart project.
    3. You can have up to 10 different product scrollers on the same page! Have one at the top and at the bottom scrolling horizontally, plus multiple vertical ones on the side.
    4. Easily select the products to feature! In the backend of the module, simply list the Product IDs you wish to appear in that particular instance of the scroller. Or, you can specify a Category and scroll all products in that category. Best of all, you can combine these options so that you can scroll individually selected products and products selected by category all at one time in the same scroller! Showcase exactly the products you are looking to spotlight on exactly the pages you want them.
    5. The module automatically displays the product image and formats a link to the product details page. The following can also be optionally displayed:
    Product Name
    Product Price
    Product Short Description
    Add-to-cart button
    Discount Price
    Percent or Currency amount of savings
    Final Price Only
    Graphic shows the product scroller with Product Name, Product Price, Short Description and Add-to-Cart!
    6. The module has a ton of configuration options. You can choose to:
    Scroll horizontally or vertically
    Optionally show the Product Name, the Short Description, and/or the Add-to-Cart button.
    Full images or thumbs
    Set the size of the images (both height and width)
    Set the size of the Title text
    Set the scroll speed
    Set the scrolling action
    Null - stop scrolling and disable the Next button.
    First - when the user scrolls all the way to the first item, scroll all the way to the bottom and continue to scroll up.
    Last - when the user scrolls all the way to the last item, scroll all the way to the top and continue to scroll down.
    Both - when the user scrolls all the way to the end (first or last item), scroll all the way to the opposite end and continue to scroll.
    Circular - emulates a true circular carousel.
    7. Fully SEF compatible!
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  2. kunev

    kunev Постоялец

    28 сен 2009
    Это скроллер а не карусель, карусель советую взять фирмачей XTC. Но в любом случае автору спасибо!
  3. TyT

    TyT Ня!

    19 июн 2006
    Если не трудно поделитесь линком на карусель от XTC либо на офсайт или имеется ввиду:
    если да, то тут на вкус и цвет... мне лично не понравилось :(

    вот помоему тоже неплохое решение:
  4. Maybe


    7 июл 2008
    Юзеры, чьи посты были удалены просили перезалить файл.
    Написал вместо ихнего другим языком.