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Need Ipb Help

Тема в разделе "IPB", создана пользователем user1234, 6 июн 2007.

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  1. user1234

    user1234 Прохожие

    When i add a new skin to my forum its nulled by terabyte and it does not creat a cache id directory. How can i fix this problem?
  2. -Зверик-

    -Зверик- Прохожие

    1) read the manual. IPB comes with it. Go to the official site and start reading faq's on 'how to install a skin' if you can't figure it by yourself.
    Перейти по ссылке link to Documentation.

    whats the point of creating this topic here? this is the basics, you should be able to figure it out yourself.

    2) if nothing else helps, go to Перейти по ссылке and post a new topic there, someone will would probably anwer you.
  3. user1234

    user1234 Прохожие

    Thing is I know how to install skins i did it since 2.1.7 but somehow it does not creat a cache id directory basicly it doesnt rebuild the cache.
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