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  1. Sinelnikov


    13 окт 2009
    Find Out Step By Step How To Outmaneuver And Dodge The Google Slap...

    A powerful technique I BLATANTLY COPIED from Eben Pagan (David Deangelo) that is perfectly suited for our new landing page strategy.

    1. Google HATES these types of landing pages... even though they're VERY popular with Internet Marketers.

    2. This quick check can reveal if Google thinks you're wasting visitors' time.

    3. This change to our websites decreased sales (at first)... but was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for defeating the slap.

    4. It's downright IMMATURE- but we have to deal with Google's decision to look down upon this common business model, and slightly change our strategies.

    5. Why content may be king with organic search results... but is absolutely NOT king with landing pages. (Yes, this is probably contrary to what you thought you knew.)

    6. Google only approves of using PPC to achieve 1 of 3 goals... and I've decided only ONE OF THEM is worth striving for.

    7. These 3 common words are almost GUARANTEED to earn you a slap. Are they on your landing pages?

    8. My proven, 4-step formula for creating landing pages that can escape the Google Slap.

    9. How using images like this can win you an immediate slap... and how they can push your quality score through the roof when used correctly.|

    10. These 5-minute PPC Search Engine Optimization techniques will help your landing pages easily pass automated quality checks (the bots).

    11. An almost instant way to find out if Google doesn't think your keywords are targeted enough.

    12. 3 devastating quality score KILLERS that have a 5 minute fix.

    13. Adding this simple extra element to my landing pages DOUBLED conversion. (It's so stupidly simple I didn't even WANT it to work, but still not many people know about it.)

    14. The ACTUAL HTML DOCUMENT of a Google Friendly Landing Page so you can use it as a template.

    - 38 minute Video [FLV]
    - Landing Pages Handout [PDF]
    - Squeeze page Template [index.html]


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