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    18 апр 2010
    Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security 2010 v8.2.2 Final - Multilingual - Full
    Ad-Aware Pro offers advanced features for savvy computer users and IT professionals - for optimal control of confidential information and protection against malware attacks - with detection, cleanup, and removal in one easy-to-use program. Ad-Aware Pro is one of the most popular anti-spyware tools, with millions of downloads worldwide, and I bet this number will be increased with the release of Ad-Aware 2010.

    Though the interface in itself hasn't changed that much, the new Ad-Aware 2009 includes a few interesting enhancements such as a noticeable improvement in stability and performance, which makes the program a lot lighter on system resources. The rootkit and threat detection tools have also been enhanced for a more efficient protection, together with an all new integrated anti-virus functionality.

    Ad-Aware Pro is very easy to install and use, especially if you've been using the previous version, because the program features a similar design. It's constantly updated with new definitions, so that you keep up with the latest online threats and also includes a system restoration point to help you recover your system from a virus or Trojan attack. I especially liked the fact that Ad-Aware supports multiple browsers, which enables you to manage web browsing traces and control your privacy online in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

    * Complete Malware Protection, Including Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
    * Ad-Watch Live! Expert Real-time Protection
    * NEW! Behavior-Based Heuristical Detection
    * NEW! Genotype Detection Technology
    * NEW! Expert Level Rootkit Removal System
    * NEW! The Neutralizer Malware Removal Tool
    * NEW! # Do Not Disturb Mode
    # Minimal Strain on System Resources
    * NEW! Download Guard for Internet Explorer
    * NEW! Toolbox Including Process Watch, AutoStart Manager, Hosts File Editor, and ThreatWork
    * Detection, Removal and Clean-up
    * Full Integration with Windows Security Center
    * Automatic Pulse Updates

    * Shop, bank, and make travel arrangements online
    We keep you safe from password stealers, keyloggers, spyware, trojans, and other potential identity thieves.

    * Stay safe on social networking sites
    Ad-Aware keeps your passwords and personal information safe to make sure you can socialize freely.

    * Download photos, music, and other files with confidence
    Ad-Watch Real Time Monitor detects deceptive malware applications before they integrate into your PC and attack your private information.

    * Control your privacy
    Erase tracks left behind while surfing the Web, on browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox, in one easy click.

    * Safeguard your secure documents
    Ad-Aware actively shields you and your business from deceptive applications and cyber attacks.

    * Enhance computer performance
    Conserve resources and reduce downtime by using automated scans to identify and remove malicious applications that eat up memory.

    * Get Peace of Mind
    Know that your confidential information is kept safe from dangerous intrusions and prying eyes.

    What's new in Ad-Aware 8.2.2:

    * Windows Security Center:
    The Windows Security Center used to indicate that you were out of protection, even though Ad-Watch was in fact running; this has now been fixed. As an added bonus, you should now be able to turn Ad-Watch on from the Security Center as well.

    * Ad-Watch Modules Stay Turned Off:
    The issue where Ad-Watch modules would re-enable themselves automatically has now been resolved.

    * ESET NOD32 Incompatibility Detection:
    The incompatibility check now properly detects ESET NOD32 on 64-bit systems.

    * Compatible with: 2000 Pro, XP (32-bit), Vista and Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
    * Multilingual: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portgu?s, Deustch, Dutch, Chinese
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    22 май 2008
    И как его крякнуть? Метод описанный в ридми не подходит.
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