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  1. kibi

    kibi Создатель

    27 авг 2007
    Ищу платный компонент Table JX

    Excelent tool if you want to display sortable table with data from your database on your web page!

    * Search engine friendly (SEO)
    On TableJX was made a great effort to be as much "search engine friendly" as possible. This functionality enables that records in a grid are indexed by search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc... If you have some, let's say, products in a grid, search engine finds them easily. This could be a great benefit for your business.

    * Linkable content
    Linkable content enables that you just click on a value in a grid and this action opens specific URL or specific joomla Article, Category or even Section.

    * Second order by
    If you are not familiar with SQL or you just don't have time to create a sql view and show it in TableJX grid, you can in admin section with few clicks create a grid with data as you wish.

    * Adjustable row height and column width
    Well, really nothing specific to say here. If your data doesn't fit in your page you can adjust these two settings.

    * User's specific data
    Create filter to show user's specific data to the currently logged in user.

    * Ideal for
    CRM, e-commerce, scientific data, real-time data, competition results, weather reports, database comparison, timetables etc.

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