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    18 апр 2010
    PDF2Office Professional 5.0 - Software PDF Converter Multi Unknown
    Tool is difficult to fully function as PDF Converter Professional 5.0 PDF2Office. Version 5.0 also supports four popular formats: photos, Web HTML, PowerPoint and Excel.
    Hint exploitation:
    - After installing the software on your system: you can not run an independent program that is integrated into a Word plugin supports reading PDF format directly without MS WORD the presence of a tool with another.

    - The interface WORD PDF file click the Open button to open the PDF file directly to view the content, click OK on the dialog box to customize the configuration proposed, see Figure 1.
    Figure 1

    - Run by an independent 5.0 PDF2Office Professional icon on the Desktop:

    * On the main interface click the ADD button (on the Convert Menu> Add) for inclusion in PDF files to be converted.

    * In the Control Center in turn choose the format to convert and convert the corresponding version (note for the default Office format conversion program by 2007 standards, if you use Office 2003, you must select the same version response).

    * Click the Convert button to start the conversion process, see Figure 2.
    Figure 2

    * Conduct similar to the different data formats: images (supports most popular image formats Photoshop format, QuickTime image), HTML, Powerpoint, Excel.

    On the Edit menu> Preferences.

    - Card Folder allows you to set the directory for the output file.

    - Conversion Card enables customizable forms corresponding version when we convert PDF data into a format that supports the program, here with the format WORD - EXCEL - POWERPOINT if you should choose to use Office 2003 again for, respectively, see Figure 3.
    Figure 3

    - Conversion Also on the card also allows users to customize features such as support only the extract images with resolution optional from PDF files, extract, convert any one page from the original PDF document.
    http://ugotfile.com/file/1329309/PDF2Office Professional 5.0.rar
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