Софт CrossOver Standart 9.0.1

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  1. 3ner


    21 июн 2009
    CrossOver Standart 9.0.1

    Год выпуска: 2010
    Версия: 9.0.1
    Разработчик: CodeWeavers
    Платформа: Intel only
    Язык интерфейса: только английский
    Описание: CrossOver Standart только для запуска Windows программ на MAC OS X.
    9.0.1 CrossOver Mac - April 23, 2010
    * CrossOver Changes:
    o Certain bottles never stopped initializing; now they start up properly.
    o Renamed downloaded installer files so that you can tell what they are
    o Fixed a bug with accessing very old CrossOver bottles
    o Fixed handling of custom C4P files on Mac OS X Tiger
    o Fixed auto-opening of C4P files (previously the file-type association was broken.)
    o A few minor cosmetic and behavior changes in the CrossOver Installer.
    * Application support improvements:
    o Fixed file importation of .qif files into Quicken 2010
    o Fixed serious performance problems for certain large Quicken data files
    o Fixed an Outlook crash during connection to an Exchange server
    o Fixed an Outlook 2003 printing crash
    o Fixed a variety of other Outlook freezes and crashes
    o Improved Office 2003 service pack installation
    o Fixed a crash in Access 2000; this app should be usable again.
    o Fixed HTML editing in Outlook 2003
    o Fixed a crash in Internet Explorer 7 when 'help' was selected
    o Fixed printing in Internet Explorer 7
    o Fixed a crash associated with the JVM in Internet Explorer 6
    o Fixed a crash in Visio 2003 and 2007
    o Fixed server connections in Architecture 7.5 (requires reinstall)
    9.0.0 CrossOver Mac - March 2, 2010
    * CrossOver changes:
    o Bold new look!
    o Entirely redesigned application install process
    o Much faster bottle creation and manipulation times
    o Our application installation process is now guided by 'C4 Profiles'; XML files that should allow the process to be extended by anyone.
    * Application support improvements:
    o Some improvements in Internet Explorer, particularly Internet Explorer 7
    o Major improvements in Microsoft Office; notably Word clipart and Excel Macros should now work. Outlook stability should continue to improve.
    o Limited support for Quicken 2010
    o Merged with Wine version 1.1.34 This represents a years work in Wine, 7578 patches in all, far too many to describe.
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