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  1. efedrin

    efedrin ЖідоБіндерівець

    18 июл 2006

    online demo:


    General Features:
    100% Web Based.
    Unlimited customer-side users.
    Unlimited support-side users.
    Automated email notifications to users and technicians.
    Storage of all calls and information entered.
    News and announcements facilities.
    Unlimited custom fields for users' information.
    Lost password retrieval.
    Multilingual support. More languages can be easily added on.
    Date, Time, and Reference number listed with each call.
    Customizable help desk name and welcome screen message. Customizable header and footer for the end-user interface.
    Customizable text fonts, tables and background colors.
    Log of each action performed on a ticket.
    Optional Knowledge Base with public/private access.
    Unlimited custom ticket fields.
    Custom field types: text, text area, list and Boolean.
    Multiple file attachments.
    Custom HTML tags in messages.
    Emergency field in tickets.
    Email validation of new users through activation code.

    User Features:
    Intuitive user interface.
    Online ticket submission via email or web interface.
    Ticket submission without log in.
    Ticket submission and tracing without user registration through an optional external interface.
    User registration and log in area.
    Unique ticket number assignment to each request.
    Ticket priorities. Direct access to the ticket through a notification email with a simple click.
    Open ticket status check available any time.
    User control panel shows opened, assigned and resolved requests.
    Ticket closing rights.
    Open ticket view and modification possible any time.
    User profile viewable and editable any time.
    Automated email notifications on ticket status changes.

    Admin/Staff features:
    Creation and management of unlimited technicians.
    Individual identity for each technician.
    Access to opened, assigned and closed tickets and their details.
    Quick ticket filtering in several ways.
    Advanced ticket search.
    Ticket view and edition with a click.
    Setting of default assigned technician, category, status and priority for each incoming email account.
    Customizable signature for each staff member.
    Ticket reassignment / redirection to another specific technician.
    Automatic assignation of new tickets to a particular technician by category.
    Ticket setting to 'on-hold' by one technician to prevent another from working on a call.
    Awaiting-answer tickets are marked in the main list.
    Date, Time, and Reference number listed with each call and reply.
    Automated email notification to the customer about updates, changes and activity.
    Optional email notification to staff for each ticket assigned.
    Optional notification to the Admin email on updates and/or new tickets.
    List of current users online and activity.
    View and management of users' database.
    Users and staff search.
    Side-note possibilities for techs about tickets, which are invisible to the user.
    User's support history or information at a click.
    Log in available for techs from any computer with Internet access.
    Ticket deletion rights.
    Embedded FAQ manager.
    Departments' manager.
    Ticket progress notifications to Admin and Technicians.
    One-click possibilities in email dispatch to customers.

    Permissions setup by Admin for each staff member to edit posts, manage users, knowledge base, reports and news.
    Permissions setup by Admin for each staff member to access particular departments.
    Mass email dispatch possibilities to all clients and staff.
    Limitations on different ticket category views for each staff member set up by the Admin.
    Predefined ticket responses inserted with a simple click.
    Private messaging between staff members.
    Registered users' suspension/reactivation rights.
    Email address and user-name banning rights.
    New user validation.
    Addition of specific ticket responses to the Knowledge Base.
    Awaiting-answer tickets' warnings turned 'on' for a certain time.
    Optional use of any other SMTP server than the default MTA on your system to send email.
    Batch Actions allowed at tickets' main list: Reply post; Priority and Category changes; Staff Notes' post and several Tickets Assignment to one technician. All in one action.
    Selection of Ticket fields to display.
    Detailed Reports: Customizable. Ticket details listed by several filters, ticket fields to display selection, grouping and sorting criteria options, report style, layout, title, etc.
    General Reports: Predefined. Several reports containing tables and infographies resulting from the analysis of variables by default criteria: Performance by Staff, by department, etc.
    My Stats: Personal statistics summary regarding tickets, answers and performance.
    Ticket specific answers can be sent directly as an article to the Knowledge Base for public usage.
    Time tracking: Elapsed time since the last response and total time of tickets.
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    13 апр 2006
    2 ..: 8/16/2005
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