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    Increase your internet advertising keywords list easily and get more clicks! Keyword Expander can take your list of keywords and make the task of making keyword combinations a breeze. Internet advertising campaigns like Google® AdWords work best with more keyword combinations. The closer you get to having an exact keyword combination that a potential customer may search for, the more ads will be displayed, and your average cost per click will come down as you have relevant keyword combinations that your competitors won't.

    Take it here

    and use this also

    Discover how any page ranks at the top of the Search Engines. And that goes for the major search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, Altavista and Alltheweb. Finally, the keys to command top-10 listings are yours in mere seconds with SEO Elite™ 4.0!
    Instantly finds hundreds of high page rank websites in your field. That way, you know who among your competitors are doing well. By the way, this is one of the most powerful features of the SEO software, because there are entire tools created to do only this single feature!
    Searches for Super Affiliates willing to promote your products. By learning who's promoting who, you access star-affiliates promoting your competitors (or related products and services), and can capture a piece of the action! Again, entire tools — some costing upwards of $97! — exist for this single feature. But it's all included in SEO Elite™ 4.0.
    Shows immediately which partners are still linking back to you. This feature alone slashes your workload time in half or more! No need to manually follow-up with each and every linking partner.
    Allows you to do a backlink search on all major search engines. This includes Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, Altavista, MSN.
    Learns how many and which pages each major search engine has indexed. This is very important when optimizing your webpages. It's good to keep a close eye on how long it takes for your pages to get indexed. And SEO Elite™ 4.0 instantly tells you how many pages there are. Again, there are entire products that do ONLY this feature and charge over 100 bucks!
    Notifies and keeps a daily, weekly, and monthly change record of where your website is ranked for ANY search term. Plus, it does so on all of the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Alltheweb, MSN and Altavista. (Pretty fast, too!) So you monitor your ranking, and know when it's high or if it ever slips for whatever reason!
    Analyzes and compares special search commands on Google to the "regular" Google search rankings— such as "allinanchor, allintext, and allintitle". This will help you know which area you need to better optimize; whether it is your anchor text surrounding your links, the number of times the keyword is found in your text, or the number of times your keyword is found in the title of each webpage.
    Finds exactly which websites your competitors are advertising on. This is a great way to find websites to advertise your product. If your competitor has advertised on a specific website for months, the you know it's profitable — and now you can steal their spot!
    Allows you to eliminate any penalized websites you link to. In other words, by knowing which link partners have been penalized by Google, you can quickly take corrective action before it gets to you! This is a great feature that ensures you NEVER get penalized, too.


    IBP: All you need to get top 10 rankings on Google and Yahoo!
    Get top 10 rankings on Google, Yahoo and other major search enginesTry it free!IBP is the award-winning web site promotion suite that helps you to get top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo and all other major search engines.
    IBP helps you with all important aspects of on-site web site promotion. It includes more than 15 professional website promotion tools, including tools for keyword generation, a top 10 search engine ranking optimization, search engine submission, directory submission, ranking checking and more

    ARELIS: The best way to get high quality incoming links to your web site
    Get high link popularity, PageRank and more.Try it free!ARELIS is a top rated software program that helps you to build a powerful business network quickly and easily. It's the top rated website promotion software tool for off-site promotion.
    You'll benefit from highly targeted free traffic to your web site, new business contacts, a higher link popularity, higher search engine rankings and more sales.


    No other product offers so much for so little
    A suite of 19 essential Website Optimization, Maintenance, Submission and Ranking promotion tools in one powerful suite!
    LinkTrader Boosts your website's link popularity by exchanging links with thousands of other webmasters.
    Submitter Submit your website to thousands of search engines instantly.
    Page Advisor A search engine optimization expert that automatically analyzes your web pages and shows you what you need to do to get a top ranking position.
    PageBuilder Optimize your web site for top ranking on search engines by automatically inserting position-boosting code, such as META tags, Heading tags, ALT tags and more.
    Rank Check Check your ranking on over 100 major search engines. It even tracks your ranking over time, and shows how you are doing against your competition.
    Pay Submissions Some major search engines offer faster submissions for a fee. Access these search engines and Pay per click sites directly from AddWeb
    Search Tool Quickly find out who you are competing with for search engine placement. Allows you to search all the major engines from a central location.
    SiteStats Find out who is visiting your site, where they come from and what keywords they use. This is critical for effective search engine optimization and positioning.
    Reporter Detailed reports on submission,, optimization, ranking, search engines and more. Output in HTML, EMAil and even CSV for import into Access and Excel.
    FTP Uploader When you are finished optimizing your pages, upload them from within the program.
    Keyword Finder Get suggestions on what keywords to use based on actual searches done on the Internet. Simply enter a keyword that matters to you and get a list of alternate keywords, as well as their popularity.
    Knowledge Base A full tutorial on search engine positioning that will give you the knowledge of a pro in the SEO business. Learn what helps your site rise in the rankings and what makes it plummit. You will be an expert in no time.
    ROI Calculators Have you ever wondered how much you should spend on internet advertising, or how much you can potentially make? These calculators are designed to help you determine how much each visitor to your website is worth, and what advertising budgets you should set.
    Domain Manager Search for domains through a double-whois lookup that quickly finds detailed info on just about any domain. When you find domains you like, you can add them to a watch list, and if they are available, you can quickly grab them up.
    Keyword Manager While researching your SEO strategy, use this interface to manage which keywords you want to target with varied domains. Quick at-a-glance vies make it easy.
    SmartPatrol Regularly and automatically monitor your websites for downtime and conenction speed. SmartPatrol can notify you via e-mail (even to your cell phone) whenever it senses a problem with your website.
    WYSIWYG HTML Editor A full-featured What you see is what you get HTML editor built directly into the AddWeb interface.
    Link Checker Quickly and easily scan your web pages for borken or improper links.
    HTML Validator Quickly scan your web pages for valid HTML. The validator will produce a report outlining any problems it finds.


    1 ACE
    This search engine submission software submits your Web page URL and e-mail address to the top search engines. Just enter your Web page URL and e-mail address and the unique browser window shows you as your URL and e-mail is successfully accepted by each top search engine. The program offers a submission log with resubmit feature and keep a record of the date, time, URL and e-mail you submitted. It also offers a meta tag generator with tips on making better titles, descriptions and keywords in your Web pages.


    Free Evaluation:
    Try Search Engine Commando for FREE for as long as you want (trial mode enables 5 of the 442 supported search engines). To activate the full version of the program, an unlock code can be purchased at any time, day or night, using a credit card.
    Complete Project Automation:
    Working late? Away on business? No problem. Search Engine Commando can carry on diligently without you, automatically executing projects while you're away and even emailing reports to you or your clients. And, unlike other products, Search Engine Commando's scheduler is fully integrated as a true NT service (which also runs on Windows 95/98/ME), even when you're not logged onto your PC. There are no cumbersome command-line arguments. Just click a few checkboxes to turn on scheduling!
    Search Engine Commando supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish, all in a single application.
    Internet Update Technology:
    The search engine industry evolves on a weekly basis, so that means Search Engine Commando does too. Every single time you use it, Search Engine Commando checks for the latest available updates, including entirely new features and support for new search engines. These are instantly delivered and automatically installed directly to your PC over the Internet. Fast, easy, and completely hands-free.
    442 of the World's Top Search Engines:
    Including Yahoo, Alta Vista, HotBot, Excite, and others -- more than any other product, and the list keeps on growing! You can easily select search engines by language or country as well as individually by name. When you're done, your list of selections can be saved to a text file and conveniently re-used in other projects.
    Unlimited Search Phrases:
    Add any number of search phrases to a project. Search Engine Commando will query each search engine separately, then summarize the results in a single step.
    Fast, Accurate Position Reporting:
    Search Engine Commando checks your site's positions in all of the world's most important search engines. Find out in minutes how your site ranks on every keyword and phrase important to your products and services. You'll know immediately if a site remains at the top or falls in rank, allowing you to take proactive steps before traffic drops. You can use Search Engine Commando on as many websites as you want!
    NEW Domain Monitor:
    Forgetting to pay annual domain registration fees can cause you to lose your domain names. Search Engine Commando's Domain Monitor protects your domain names and web site(s) by regularly monitoring "whois" registration records for expiration or unauthorized changes. If a domain registration changes (such as from someone transferring ownership or hacking the records to disrupt service to your web site) or nears its expiration date, Search Engine Commando will automatically alert you by email so that you can take pre-emptive action to protect your assets. Some web-based services charge $99/year per domain name for this feature alone! Works with practically all domain name extensions around the world, including .com, .net., .org, .biz, .gov., .name, .info, .at, .au, .de, .es, .fr, .in, .uk and more!
    Safe, Fast, Multithreaded Operation:
    Up to 99 threads! Advanced threading and queuing algorithms ensure that search engine queries won't overlap. Each search engine receives only one query at a time, just as if it were being searched by a person (because real people don't run more than one search at a time on a single search engine).
    Intelligent Submission to 149 Search Engines:
    Enter the Submission Properties for each URL and search engine in your project, then let Search Engine Commando automatically submit your site according to fully customizable rules.

    Search Engine Commando can submit one or all of your pages (for any number of websites), including doorway pages, to all of the world's most important search engines, including directories like Yahoo. The software precisely emulates how a person would work with a regular web browser.

    Search Engine Commando's Trickle Submission technology spreads submissions out over the appropriate number of days according to the acceptance policies of individual search engines, improving the odds that your pages will be accepted and indexed quickly.

    Detailed summary screens and reports provide all the important details, such as dates of first submission, most recent submission, most recent attempt, most recent status, and the actual html page returned by each search engine during the submission process.

    All submissions are 100% verified and any errors are fully reported so that you'll know when/if it's necessary to follow up on your own. Supports both HTTP and SMTP based submissions.
    Unique "Trickle Submission" Technology:
    Many search engines limit the number of submissions per day that they will accept from a website. If you have a large list of URL's to submit, Search Engine Commando's advanced "Trickle Submission" technology reduces the risk of rejection by spreading submissions out over several days according to the policies of each search engine.
    Advanced Doorway Page Support:
    Each URL, including doorway pages, can have its own list of search engines for submission. Would you like to override certain submission values for particular URL's or search engines? Search Engine Commando makes it easy because each URL can have its own list of submission values, too. You have total control!
    Professional SEO Features:
    SEO (search engine optimization) professionals will appreciate unique features that address their special requirements, such as unlimited domains, customizable reports, style sheets, integrated scheduling, fast multi threaded operation, batch submission and robust import/export capabilities.
    Pause and Resume:
    Search Engine Commando's new Pause and Resume buttons give you the ability to suspend a running project. This convenient feature allows you to use your internet connection to check email or browse the net without having to restart a long reporting or submission project.
    Super Fast Manual Submissions:
    Use the right mouse button to conveniently jump to the home page or the "Add URL" page of any search engine. No more hunting through web pages to find out how to submit your site.
    Submit Unlimited URL's in a Single Project:
    Some programs assume you have only one main document in your website to submit to the search engines. Search Engine Commando lets you enter as many document URL's as you want and submit them all.
    Exportable Results:
    Export search results to comma-separated text files for easy importing into Excel, Access, FoxPro, and other applications.
    International Search Engine Focus:
    Don't forget that over half of the world's online market place is outside of the US. Search Engine Commando has full support for popular search engines in the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Europe, and Asia.
    Unlimited Domains:
    Analyze any number of websites for any number of domains. No restrictions. Some applications and online services charge extra to operate on more than a handful domains.
    Multiple URLs and Keywords :
    Scan results from search engines for your own URL, product, or company name, or those of your competitors.
    Advanced Business Reporting Systems:
    Easy-to-interpret detail and summary reports of how and where your site ranks among each search engine. Includes details about sites that are positioned higher (and lower) than your site.
    Fully Customizable Reports:
    Impress your clients by sending professional reports customized with your company logo.
    Search Engine Commando Website Scoring System:
    Search Engine Commando produces site "summary scores" (range 0-100%), indicating how well your site is positioned among those search engines which list it, as well as among all supported search engines. This is extremely useful for comparing your site to competitors.


    The most important advantages at a glance:

    * Editor for search engine database: Expand the existing Hello Engines! search engine database as you like.
    * Top-speed submission of your websites including all details: Submit several websites or individual HTML documents simultaneously.
    * Task Manager: Submit your websites to search engines according to a schedule.
    * Ranking Analysis: The Ranking Analysis shows you the position of your website in search results. Of course, the higher the position, the better.
    * Status reports available in XML and PDF format.
    * Import and export of project files from/to csv files.
    * Customizable detail fields for manual submission.
    * Robots.txt Generator generates the robots.txt with only few mouse clicks.
    * A new and optimized Metatag Generator also generating meta tags in Dublin Core format.
    * HTML Checker: Is the syntax of your HTML code correct? The Checker detects all errors. The efficient HTML Checker ensures correct syntax of your website's HTML code.
    * HTML Shrinker: Does your website take ages to load? The Shrinker function reduces the file size of HTML files for up to 60 percent without changing its appearance. The advantage is evident, the loading process of your website is accelerated enormously and you do not lose visitors.
    * Load Time Checker: It checks how much time the user needs to load your website. It goes without saying that the faster, the better.
    * Link Checker: This tool ensures that your website only contains functioning links.
    * Import of characteristic data from online forms.
    * HTML Editor with syntax display highlighting.
    * Further functions.


    Dynamic Submission™ is a multi-award winning, web
    promotion software on the market today. It has been
    developed to offer Website owners the ability to promote
    their websites to the ever increasing number of search
    engines on the internet without any hassles or
    complications. It will help you submit your web site to
    hundreds of major search engines with just a few button
    "clicks" and drive 1000's of guaranteed traffic to your
    web site. Simply enter your Web Site details and press a
    button. This incredible program will automatically
    submit all your web sites to 1000+ major Search Engines
    within minutes and also provides you all the (SEO)
    Search Engine Optimization tools to get your web site to
    be listed on the TOP positions.

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    Mirror for SEO ELITE4 & DYNAMIC SUBMISSION in one pack
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    Best Seo Tools all in one pak!

    1 ACE
    Page Promoter

    Is this not cool! :D
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    Best Seo Tools mirror
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    Fast Directory Submitter Free:http://www.fastdirectorysubmitter.com/files/fastdirectorysubmitter.zip
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