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    Big Fat Ringtone Shop, complete with content and AdSense

    Make money with your own fully functional ringtone website script, written in php and designed by Mikey J, the founder of dotcom Allsorts.

    The website comes complete with a huge built-in catalogue of mobile phone content such as ringtones, polyphonics, wallpaper, logos, java games, animated screensavers, plus much more!

    Your customers will also be able to pay to compose their own ringtones online, using a virtual note composer and can create their own custom mobile phone colour wallpaper by uploading their own images from their hard drives, which is a massive money-earner!

    All orders are completely automated and are instantly delivered to the customer’s mobile phone. All content updates daily, so you don’t have to do anything except promote your website!

    All sales are handled by Mobile Money, a third party mobile content supplier, who pay monthly sales commissions generated by the website directly into your bank account.

    Full details about this will be found in the installation instructions that come with the script.

    You can completely customize all colours, the logo and the look of the website by editing ONE file!

    The script also comes with it’s own fully automated links page where other website owners can exchange links with you. The script automatically checks to see if the website owner has placed YOUR link on their website FIRST. If they haven’t, then the link submission won’t work.

    The script is also loaded with Google Adsense code, so you can also earn revenue from Google’s advertising programme. Simply enter your Google Adsense ID into the script and start earning extra cash!
    The script comes with all relevent files and a PDF instruction manual.
    No database required!

    Linux/Unix web server required with PHP 4 or above.
    (Will NOT work on Windows hosting or crap free hosting)

    Installation: Read the manual in zip file

    Home :

    Website: http://www.dotcomallsorts.com/
    Demo: http://www.bigfatwebhosting.com/ringtoneshop/

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