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    13 окт 2009
    Introduction to List Control

    Welcome to List Control! This first video is CRITICAL so please make sure you watch the whole thing …and actually do the exercise I show you.
    If you’ve ever wondered why I’m able to get such an obnoxiously high rate of response from my lists …even when I’m marketing to small lists …this will show you how I do it.
    And most importantly, it will show you how YOU can do it as well.
    After you complete the exercise, I think it would be cool for you to leave your answers in the comments below.
    The simple act of writing this down and sharing it with others will help “cement” this information into your brain and it will ultimately help you make more money and help more people …faster and easier than before :)

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    Quality VS Quantity

    Not all leads are created equal!
    This single phrase is EXTREMELY important to this course. It’s not about how big your list is, it’s about the quality of traffic you used to build it.
    In this video you’ll learn WHY a big list can actually hurt your business… The good news is, you don’t HAVE to spend tons of money and have a huge list… that could actually hurt you!

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    The Quality Equation

    So you know the DANGERS of focusing on quality VS quanity.
    But where can you get this super high quality traffic? Well I got some good news for you. It’s probably easier than you might think.
    You’ll learn exactly where I get my highest quality traffic (and have built my best lists) right in this video…

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    The Listbuilding "Tools"

    Now you understand the importance of building a quality list and your ready to get started.
    There are a few important tools you’ll need to get your “list getting” website online. Here Frank explains what you’ll need and how to get it.

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    Signing up with Bluehost...

    Ol’ Cousin Trey is going to walk you through setting up your hosting account. You’ll need this to get your website online.
    If you’re a technical newbie (or just can’t stand doing website stuff) then don’t worry, we’ve developed a SUPER SIMPLE way that will get you up and running in about 10 minutes flat!

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    Signing up with Aweber

    Ok, so we’re going to use Aweber to collect our email addresses.
    We’ve used them for years and they’re really easy to work with. Plus they have this cool “wizard” feature that can make email getting forms look good without knowing a bunch of complicated HTML stuff.

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    Making your email getting "Landing Page"

    So now ya got everything all setup and ready to rumble.
    What comes next used to be one of the hardest parts of building a list… creating the website.
    Luckily, we’ve found a super easy “HTML Editor” in Bluehost that Trey will teach you to use.
    And instead of trying to create it all on your own, just edit our proven template here (we’ll show you how in the videos:(
    download optin.html(Right – Click this link and select “save as”)

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    Knocking off our proven "Thank You Page"...

    Alright, so now that you have our proven optin page, you need to download and edit our proven Thank You Page.

    This will be the page your user sees after they optin.
    The MAIN goal here is to build a list, but we also leave a little room to throw in an affiliate link while still be super cool to your list… see how in the video!download thankyou.html (Right – Click this link and select “save as”)

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    4 Day Cash Machine

    We’re posting the 4 Day Cash Machine for you here that we gave away in prelaunch!
    Check it out! Tons of people have made lots of money using this simple cut and paste technique

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