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  1. g-prime

    g-prime איך בין גאָט

    11 авг 2008
    Alkivia Open Community is a plugin to build user communities all around WordPress, mainly it’s around having a well integrated profiles system. This plugin will provide all needed functions and widgets to make it easy and flexible the ways to show all information about a user. Also, there is some user privacy settings to permit which information to show in the profile page.

    With this plugin, you can manage you user profiles and have a user list. For each user, a profile page is provided. The information shown in the profile page is based on your privacy settings. Also, you can select the user list order, ascending or descending, and ordering by different fields: ID, login name, display name or date registered.

    All pages use templates, so you can create you own output template to customize and style all displayed pages. The templetes directory can be moved outside the plugin to prevent loosing your custom templates on update.

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