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  1. x3k

    x3k Создатель

    23 авг 2007
    FairBot 2.8 (можно предыдущие версии)

    Описание (правда инглиш:(
    Кратко на русс:
    программа для работы на бирже betfair.com работает с API. Значит что заметил, как проверяется лицензия: при подключении программа соединяется через https:443 с 2-мя серверами и получает ответ о лицензии (если закрыть доступ к этим серверам выдаст ошибку, что отсутсвует доступ к сети). А с АРI FairBot работает совсем через другие сервера (Betfair), нежели проверка лицензии.
    Если есть специалисты которые подскажут, как подменить ответ от проверяющего сервака, буду оч благодарен.

    FairBot is state of the art Betfair Trading Software which provides an enhanced betting interface to the leading Betting Exchange, Betfair. FairBot considerably enhances the services provided by Betfair through the incorporation of real-time price movement charts, market analysis, information displays and trading tools. All of this combines to deliver a level of service currently unparalleled in today's on-line betting environment.
    It allows you to place single bets, or trades, on Betfair instantly, using just one mouse click. There is no need for waiting, no bet confirmation or changing of prices or amounts, although these facilities are there if required.
    * The Ladder Interface - This allows the user to display prices vertically, and instantly react to market movements by placing or cancelling a bet with just one mouse click.
    * "Keep bets" support. This allows the user to have unmatched bets automatically transferred to in play bets.
    * Ability to refresh any event to as low as 0.2 second intervals, much quicker than Betfair itself.
    * Stake buttons for the Ladder interface, including the NET button. This allows you to set and use predefined stakes when betting or trading on the Ladder interface.
    * Ability to place single bets or trades with only single mouse click.
    * "Greening Up" feature - This allows you to equalize a current profit or a current loss across all selections.
    * Price movement charts directly on the main screen for each contender.
    * "Moving Average" and "Bollinger Bands" charts on contender details screen.
    * "Fill or Kill" tool for single bets and for trades. It allows you to cancel unmatched bets automatically after a predefined number of seconds.
    * Conditional betting - place opposite bet (Back or Lay) only if a previous bet was matched.
    * Dutching feature (this is a technique for Backing multiple selections in the same event for an equal profit if any one of them wins).
    * "Drag & Drop" feature for the Ladder - this allows the user to amend the odds of unmatched bets by dragging bets up or down the ladder.
    * Set your own Back and Lay stakes and profit margin.
    * Bet on any odds market, including "in-play" events.
    * Ability to cancel all Unmatched bets using single mouse click.
    * Optional bet confirmation and checking screens before and after placing bets.
    * "Smart Bets" allow you to calculate stake to get maximum profit on your betting exchange trades.
    * Display the 1st 2nd and 3rd Favourites as dictated by the market on Betfair.
    * A countdown clock showing the time remaining before the scheduled start of an event.
    * Full Betfair API support. This protects FairBot from any future changes made to the design of the Betfair web site.
    * Asian Handicap support.
    * Betfair Starting Price (BSP) bets support
    * Internet traffic compression.
    * Friendly user interface.
    * Ability to click on any odds cell rather than just the normal two middle columns on Betfair.
    System Requirements:
    * Operation system: Windows 98/Me or Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista or Windows 7
    * Processor: Pentium or higher
    * RAM: 128 Mb
    * Disk space: 10 Mb
    * Internet connection speed: 64 Kb/sec
    * Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels
    * Mouse
  2. IEVteam


    9 июн 2008
  3. x3k

    x3k Создатель

    23 авг 2007
    За 2.4 конечно спс, но никто не тестил как можно обойти проверку лицензии в последующих версиях?
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